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Promo Post

Here’s the promo for Benefits, Monday’s episode (once again, if you don’t already know the premise of the episode, it’s going to be kind of shocking):

The promo for NPH’s episode of SNL this weekend:

And the trailer for Cobie’s upcoming movie The Slammin’ Salmon:

Promo for 4.11

News Roundup

  • Trailer for 4.09:
  • Cobie Smulders on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson:
  • Alyson Hannigan walks, carries drinks. There are also HQ versions of the rest of the Lint Roller Party photos available here.
  • Jason Segel’s upcoming movie, I Love You, Man has had its release moved from January 16 to March 20.
  • The 2008 World Magic Awards, which Neil Patrick Harris hosted a while back, will air this Wednesday on MyNetworkTV. The LA Stage Blog posted a photo of Neil at the recent Ovation Awards.
  • Bob Saget’s new sitcom may never see the light of day now that Media Rights Capital has lost control over the CW’s Sunday night lineup.
  • Photos of one of Those People on set, including one shot with Jason Segel and his attractive new haircut.
  • Variety’s 2008 Comedy Impact Report includes a profile on Jason Segel and one on Carter Bays and Craig Thomas.
  • Fun with numbers: Based on data from tvbythenumbers.com, last week HIMYM was the third most-watched half-hour comedy on network TV (behind Two and a Half Men and Worst Week). It had the second-best 18-49 numbers (behind Men, and tied with The Office) and the second-best 18-34 numbers (behind The Office, tied with 30 Rock).

Promo for 4.08

Promo for 407

And a correction to last night’s post – the video of the cast reenacting how Carter’s sister met her husband does work, you just need to be logged out of Facebook.

Promo for 4.06 – Happily Ever After

404 Promo, Josh Radnor Article

This week’s Big Bang Theory/How I Met Your Mother promo:

Also, here’s that piece Josh Radnor wrote for the LA Times.

Video from 403: I Heart NJ

The Big Bang Theory/HIMYM promo for this week’s episodes:

And a clip from the episode – not spoilery beyond the basic premise:

While we’re on videos, here’s Eyelab’s redone version of Barney’s ode to bimbos from 401:

Videos: One Regis, One Alyson

A CBS promo focusing on Regis’ guest appearance tonight:

And Alyson’s recent appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show:

TV Guide Interviews Josh, 402 Promo

Spoilers for 405, of the “where are Ted and Stella headed” variety. Also, here’s a promo for 402 with very little in the way of new footage: