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What’s Left This Season

First and foremost, sorry about the lack of updates recently – you can expect three or four different news roundups throughout the week as I get the site up to speed.

CBS has announced HIMYM’s schedule through the end of February, and with that much official information, it’s possible to outline most of the rest of the season as far as airdates are concerned. Assuming a 24-episode season and a finale date of May 19 (the last Monday of May sweeps), here’s how it should end up looking:

February 9: New episode – 415, The Stinsons.

February 16: Rerun – I Heart NJ.

February 23: Rerun – Intervention.

March 2: Rerun or 416 – Sorry, Bro.

March 9: 416 or 417.

March 16: 417 or 418.

March 23: 418 or 419.

March 30: 419 or 420.

April 7, 14, 21: Either three reruns or 420 and two reruns.

April 28: 421.

May 5: 422.

May 12: 423.

May 19: 424 – season finale.

After the jump: Some information about where The Leap is likely to fall in the episode order. No new information about episode content, but if you’re at all wary about spoilers I’d recommend staying away. Continue reading →

Rerun coming!

“The Best Burger in New York” will reair on January 26.