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New Spoiler Policy

The major, episode-synopsis spoilers posted here have always come from sides – script excerpts that the show releases to casting agencies so that actors can use them to audition for bit parts. Generally, even if all you have are the script pages that “Pizza Delivery Guy” and “Brunette #4″ appear on, you can piece together a pretty clear picture of an episode. I have always read the sides and written the spoilers up myself.

This year, for a variety of reasons, L-WFI won’t be posting this content directly, but not to worry – you still get your spoilers, and even more detailed ones if you want. Spoilers from interviews, promotional materials, and entertainment columnists will be posted as before.

While we’re here, the site is long overdue for an official policy on spoilers in comments:

1. Each episode will have one no-holds-barred, all-spoilers-are-go post. It’ll be posted as soon as the episode has a name, and the post title will follow the “Spoilers for 3.01 – Where Were We?” format. All spoilers, for that episode and any other, are fair game in the comments, and the post will say so. For easy access, the Spoilers page will link to these posts so you don’t have to go digging.

2. In all other posts, the comments can only be as spoilery as the post. If we link to a Watch with Kristin post that mentions Ted might be getting a new girlfriend and you know from episode sides that it’s probably his new neighbor Jenny, keep it to the free-for-all posts. However, if Jenny’s episode has already aired and you think it might be her, then you’re good to go in either post.

Site News

1. The Episode Guide

I was originally planning to hold off on this until all of the episode pages were complete, but given the interest in current episodes, I’ve put the S4 guides online. You can access them from the menu at the top of the page. The pages for 401-403 are more or less what all of the episode pages will look like – if there’s anything else you’d like to see, you can let me know with a comment or by emailing dary@legen-waitforit.com.

2. The Calendar

As you probably know, the calendar page lists upcoming TV appearances for the cast as well as release dates and other important events. I’ve been considering a daily post outlining everything that’s happening in the upcoming 24 hours – is that something you’d find helpful? Sometimes the only thing that’s happening is a 3:00 AM airing of Knocked Up, but then there are the days where Jason Segel’s on Letterman and one of Neil’s TV movies is airing.

Would you like a daily "Today in HIMYM" post?

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3. Roundups

Starting this week, News Roundups will be posted every Friday – anything that happens during the week that isn’t time-sensitive or big enough to merit its own post will appear in the roundup.

4. Old News

On the first of every month, I’ll be posting a collection of old news – interviews, videos, photos, anything that I’ve come across that’s interesting and hasn’t been covered on the blog before but that isn’t recent enough to go anywhere else.

Site Updates [Cast Section]

The Cast section has been updated – Josh Radnor and Neil Patrick Harris now have their own pages. Once Alyson’s and Jason’s pages are up, I’ll be tweaking and expanding all of them, so if there’s a credit I missed or just something you’d like to see on the cast pages, let me know.

Remember, Neil will be on Sesame Street on Tuesday.

Cast Pages/Cobie in The Slammin’ Salmon

I’m FINALLY getting around to the individual cast/project pages – they’ll be accessible from the ‘cast’ tab at the top of the page. I’ve started out with Cobie and her movie The Slammin’ Salmon, which you can read about here, but keep an eye out for more – the section will be expanding all the time.

S4 Spoiler Summary

I’ve put together a compilation of spoilers about the upcoming season here. [Just a heads up, there isn't a lot in the way of specifics.] When new spoilers become available, they’ll be posted as news items, just like before, as well as added into the summary.

Calendar Updates

The calendar has been majorly expanded – now, not only can you look there for movie and DVD release dates [Harold and Kumar 2: July 29] and HIMYM airings, but also cast appearances in anything, like Alyson’s Buffy reruns or airings of Knocked Up.

Poll time!

Bob Saget news?

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Summer Slump

With the season over, news about the show is going to be slow until around September. So, to keep things interesting, I’ll be updating with other content as well. News will still be posted as I find it, but every Sunday there’ll be a themed links post, and the rest of the time I’ll be adding other things, like a detailed episode guide.

Now, turning it over to you guys – what do you want to see? I’m open to any suggestions, but if you need some guidance I’m specifically interested in:

  • What kinds of themed link posts you want to see. These can be anything show-related, from The Solids to Alyson Hannigan to Doogie Howser to fan-made HIMYM music videos.
  • What you’re looking for in a quality episode guide. If you’re looking for information about Belly Full of Turkey, what would you expect to find beyond the episode title and a plot summary?
  • Anything else you’d like to see?

Leave a comment with your suggestions, or email me at dary@legen-waitforit.com.

Alyson’s Conan Appearance

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. [It was finals week, what can I say?] It’ll be a few days before everything’s back on track, but you can definitely count on everything being up to speed before the season finale airs on Monday.

In the meantime, here’s Alyson’s appearance on Conan this Tuesday:

Slow News Day

As I mentioned before, there’s recently been a slowdown in HIMYM news – Neil and Jason have finished doing press for their movies, and what little coverage of the show there is right now is focused on the return of Stella’s receptionist. So, in times like these (especially after the season finale airs), which would you rather see?

When news is slow, which would you prefer?

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Site Update, IGN on Barney/Robin and HIMYM’s Future

First: If you’d like to follow updates to L-WFI via RSS, here’s the new URL.

Second: While most everything is in place, if you find anything buggy -bad links, missing images, messed up layouts – let me know! Leave a comment on any entry or email dary@legen-waitforit.com.

Third: IGN talked to Cobie Smulders about Barney/Robin. No spoilers – IGN at the time didn’t know the hookup was coming, and Cobie doesn’t give anything away.

“I think that they’re two characters that have a lot of sexual tension,” said Smulders of Robin and Barney. As for a potential romance between the two characters, she said, “I love Neil and I find him to be hilarious and working with him is awesome. I think it would be very interesting and I think they could come up with some very funny stuff, seeing those two characters together, just with their different personalities. It would also be very interesting to see a woman who lacks the wanting of having a commitment and Barney, who sleeps around like crazy, trying to do that. What would happen with that? How would that work out and would it work out and would they be serious about it? Would it be a fling? So it’s going to be interesting to see what happens.”

They also spoke to Carter Bays about the show’s chances for renewal and what they’ve got planned for [fingers crossed] next season. Read the full article here.