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News Roundup #1 – Academy Panel

The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (best known to you as the people behind the Emmys) hosted An Evening with How I Met Your Mother last Tuesday, featuring a panel discussion with the cast and producers. The big news of the night: Cobie Smulders showed up wearing an engagement ring and confirmed that she is marrying Taran Killam.

Steve Olson (production designer, with three Emmy wins for HIMYM), Pamela Fryman (executive producer and director of most episodes), Suzy Mamann Greenberg (co-executive producer), Josh Radnor, Carter Bays, Craig Thomas, Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan, Cobie Smulders, Academy CEO John Shaffner, and Jason Segel.

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Cobie Smulders in Women’s Health Magazine

It’s the January/February 2009 issue with Maria Sharapova on the cover.

Zip with larger photos: Right-click and save.

News Roundup – Part the Second

Remember, Neil Patrick Harris is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight.

“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” star Jason Segel tried to play it cool. “Brad Pitt and Angelina showed up, and you think you don’t care,” he told MTV News. “But you totally care! You get a tingle.”

You can watch the whole show here.

News Roundup – Part the First

A second roundup will follow later tonight or possibly in the morning, with Jason Segel at the Critics’ Choice Awards, Neil’s pre-SNL press, and a bunch of other stuff.

[Sort of] New Photos from 4.12 – Benefits

CBS has released two new photos, which were previously available online, but not in HQ.

Also, a note about the last post – it’s been updated to include some clarification of the spoilers. [This isn't Ask Ausiello or anything, where the posted spoilers are all you get - I'm working with limited information, but if you have questions, I have no problem clearing things up where I can.]

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Photos from 4.12: Benefits

After the jump! Spoiler level: Pretty safe. There’s one that’s borderline spoilery, so the thumbnail’s been blacked out.

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News Roundup

  • Trailer for 4.09:
  • Cobie Smulders on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson:
  • Alyson Hannigan walks, carries drinks. There are also HQ versions of the rest of the Lint Roller Party photos available here.
  • Jason Segel’s upcoming movie, I Love You, Man has had its release moved from January 16 to March 20.
  • The 2008 World Magic Awards, which Neil Patrick Harris hosted a while back, will air this Wednesday on MyNetworkTV. The LA Stage Blog posted a photo of Neil at the recent Ovation Awards.
  • Bob Saget’s new sitcom may never see the light of day now that Media Rights Capital has lost control over the CW’s Sunday night lineup.
  • Photos of one of Those People on set, including one shot with Jason Segel and his attractive new haircut.
  • Variety’s 2008 Comedy Impact Report includes a profile on Jason Segel and one on Carter Bays and Craig Thomas.
  • Fun with numbers: Based on data from tvbythenumbers.com, last week HIMYM was the third most-watched half-hour comedy on network TV (behind Two and a Half Men and Worst Week). It had the second-best 18-49 numbers (behind Men, and tied with The Office) and the second-best 18-34 numbers (behind The Office, tied with 30 Rock).

Photos from 410: The Fight

A new character and evidence of a callback to an earlier episode, but nothing major. Continue reading →

News Roundup: Alyson Hannigan Edition

Alyson and her husband, Alexis Denisof, went to the 15th Annual Lint Roller Party last week.

Video interviews:

E! Online has an article to go with their video. Us Weekly and Star Magazine also talked to the couple.

Photos are after the jump.

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Photos from 4.08: Woooo!

This episode airs on November 17. Four photos, mild spoilers for the basic premise of the episode. Continue reading →