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News Roundup

Going rapid-fire with this, because six posts in a day is ridiculous enough as it is:

Odds and Ends

-Real Life Comics centered around HIMYM today.

-Jason Segel wrote a Charles Grodin cameo into the new Muppet movie. Whether Grodin will agree to it is unclear.

-Theory from seat42f – did they reveal the mother last night?

-What’s on NPH’s TiVo? He shows up at around 1:45. [NPH and L-WFI: United in our love for The Amazing Race.]

-Josh Radnor on the chances of renewal. The official announcement comes on May 14.

Interviews – Josh Radnor in BostonNOW, Jason on the Muppets

ReelzChannel talked to Jason Segel about his upcoming Muppet movie. A few new tidbits about how Jason’s involvement with the Henson Company and the Muppets, but the gist is the same as always.

BostonNOW’s interview with Josh, on the other hand, is a great read. Apparently Josh is friends with Ben Lee?

The script Josh mentions in the interview is probably Happythankyoumoreplease – “While his friends grapple with loneliness and romantic trials, an aspiring novelist learns about caring by taking in a lost child who ran away from foster care and finally realizes he worthy of love as well.”

MoviesOnline talks to Jason Segel

This is a great interview – Jason talks a lot about the actual production of the movie (casting Russell, things that inspired the screenplay, experiences from shooting Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and what it’s like being in the Apatow gang), as well as the usual stuff (the full frontal nudity in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Stella’s receptionist Abby on How I Met Your Mother, the upcoming Muppets movie)

Well, that’s an embarrassing side note. But yeah, the Dracula concept, the puppet Dracula musical was not initially for this movie. It was for when I was out of work. It was gonna be my career comeback. I had this notion of putting on this Dracula puppet musical that would somehow just launch me into stardom. And at one point, I played it for Judd and Nick and they laughed so hard. And I was offended. You know, “This is not a joke, guys.”

Full interview here.

Jason Segel talks "Muppets" plot

Empire has some new information on the direction of Jason Segel’s Muppets screenplay –

“It’s a classic story,” he says. “It’s the Muppets needing to get back together to save the show…It’s going to take place all over the world. Basically, the Muppets are no longer together. So that might take a while to film. I guess they’ve set the precedent in that last movie (Muppets From Space) that Gonzo is, in fact, an alien, so he could well end up in space. That guy’s all over the place!”

See the full story for more.

Bits and Pieces – 3.16, Muppets, As Seen On

Spoilers:: This article from the Chicago Tribune is a few weeks old, but the last two bullet points have some info on episodes that still haven’t aired. One explains the title of 3.16, “Sandcastles in the Sand.” [Spoiler level: Won't ruin any major plot developments, but will take the potential surprise out of what will still be an awesome bit.] The other gives some very general information about what to expect from Barney later this season.

Other Projects:: CHUD got some information about the premise of Jason Segel’s upcoming Muppets movie.

HIMYM Merch:: As Seen On has information about the dress that Sarah Chalke’s Stella wore during the two-minute date.

Weekend roundup

Interview:: ComingSoon.net has what is allegedly an exclusive interview with Jason Segel, although I’ve definitely seen that Kermit quote before. Either way, the interview focuses on Segel’s upcoming projects: I Love You, Man, Five Year Engagement, and, of course, the Muppet movie.

Weird but [Probably Not] True:: From contactmusic.com: Jason Segel Humiliated By Dominatrix. I really have nothing to add to that.

Video:: MovieWeb has this Forgetting Sarah Marshall interview with Jason Segel:

They’ve also got two behind the scenes videos, as well as interviews with other cast members and clips from the movie. [Forgetting Sarah Marshall opens April 18.]

Link:: whatwouldnphdo.com is a part of the online ad campaign for Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. And the accompanying video, whether official or not, is hilarious:

[Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay opens April 25.]