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Upcoming NPH Appearances

Neil Patrick Harris will appear on an episode of the next season of Sesame Street. He plays the Shoe Fairy – no word on when the episode will air, but the new season starts on August 11. You can see a clip, where Neil sings a song about shoes, here.

Neil will host the Pageant of the Masters benefit on August 23.

Neil is on the list of celebrity guests for IESB’s Comic Con party – the only way to get a ticket is to attend the Masters of the Web panel, where they’ll be giving away a very limited number of passes. The panel’s on Thursday at 10AM in room 32AB, for those of you who’ll be at Comic Con and want to try your luck. More information and the full guest list here.

As for the actual Comic Con schedule, NPH looks to be a very busy man: the cast of Dr. Horrible will be at the Joss Whedon panel (Friday, 1:30, Ballroom 20), and there’s a Harold and Kumar panel as well (Sunday, 12:00, Ballroom 20).

They’ll also be screening Dr. Horrible in its entirety – Friday night, 10:45, room 6B.

And finally, here’s some farmers market stalkerazzi fun for you.

Interviews with America’s Neil Patrick Harris

The Zaz Report talks to NPH, who, it turns out, is capable of crossing one eye.


And all three segments of his Entertainment Weekly “Just a Minute” interview are up.

By the way, if you’re on LiveJournal, you can follow L-WFI through himym_news.

Neil Patrick Harris in USA Today

Capping off a remarkably slow news day, USA Today has an article on NPH. Here’s a safe teaser quote, with a mildly spoilery, more interesting quote after the jump:

 He did have some standards when shooting the comedy’s fantasy equine scene: “They had (me) wearing a really crazy tie-dye sleeveless vest with fur on it. I said if I have to dress like a crazy man on top of a unicorn, I just think I’ll never hear the end of it. So I got to dress normally on top of a unicorn, to save face.” Continue reading →

Dracula’s Lament/H&K at SXSW Film Festival

Listen 4 This has the mp3 of Dracula’s Lament from Forgetting Sarah Marshall available for download.

And here’s the video of the SXSW Film Festival’s Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay panel last month:

Also, Josh Radnor went to see the opening of depARTed at World of Wonder – apparently, so did Damien from Mean Girls.

Neil Patrick Harris on Jimmy Kimmel

Also, after NPH’s beheading on Ellen, she apparently got a lot of emails from concerned parents and upset kids who wanted proof that Neil hadn’t actually been killed. She addresses it in this video, starting at the 7:00 mark, by showing footage of him getting up after the trick.

Also, we’ve got Doogie Grows Up from the Chicago Sun-Times, NPH on Barney and Doctor Horrible from the Ventura County Star, a deleted scene of sorts from the LA Times piece, and this Desi You interview with NPH:

NPH Roundup, Part A Million

NPH talked to the LA Times about butlers, Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, nightlife, and aging.

For my 30th birthday party my friends threw me a treasure hunt. I was sort of kidnapped by my friends and thrown in the trunk of a car. All day I had to accomplish tasks. . . . It was the coolest day of my life.

Full interview here.

MTV talked to Neil about the difference between Neil Patrick Harris and “Neil Patrick Harris.” Here’s the video, but definitely read the interview as well – there’s some stuff that didn’t make the video.

Audio, video, and articles after the jump.

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NPH Roundup

NPH clarifies that no, he does not hate [Stella's receptionist Abby]. Here’s video of him at NY Comic Con commenting on this issue:

And with that, L-WFI is done talking about Abby forever. I’ve been rooting for her for years, but just for the hell of it, all future entries will refer to her as Stella’s receptionist.

He was on Howard Stern yesterday. Film.com got five minutes with him.

He talked to MovieWeb about Harold and Kumar, mushrooms, and No Pants Day. [If you don't get to watch the video, you should at least know that NPH recommends sticking around until after the credits. And that he anticipates being pantsless for most of May.]

Sandcastles in the Sand/Harold and Kumar

TV Appearances:: You’ve already missed it if you’re on the East Coast, but some of you can catch NPH on Regis and Kelly at 9 this morning. Jason is on Ellen at 4 [catch some if his appearance at ellen.warnerbros.com], and of course, Sandcastles in the Sand airs tonight. Speaking of which, here are some photos from the episode.

Harold and Kumar:: Interview with NPH on what H&KGtWC meant for his career, some not-very-interesting photos from New York Comic Con, and Neil with David Burtka at the premiere.

HIMYM Calendar

Wednesday, April 23: Neil Patrick Harris on Ellen.

Friday, April 25: Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay hits theaters in America. Jason Segel on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Neil Patrick Harris on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Monday, April 28: Episode 3.17, “The Goat,” airs.

Monday, May 5: Episode 3.18, “Rebound Bro,” airs.

Monday, May 12: Episode 3.19 airs.

Monday, May 19: HIMYM’s third season finale airs. Neil Patrick Harris presents at the Obies, which can be viewed online here.

NPH interviews, stalkerazzi, more Josh media, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall

NPH interviews:: A short one on NPH, a longer one with a little bit of everything, and a group one on Harold and Kumar.

Stalkerazzi:: Alyson at DecadesTwo grand re-opening, Jason Segel needing a haircut at the SNL after party on Saturday.

Josh Radnor:: Josh called up the Baltazar and Maria show on MOViN 99.7, and appeared on this week’s Ausiello Report vodcast – if you’re concerned about Lost spoilers, Josh comes in at the 1:15 mark.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Video of Jason and Russell Brand on Opie and Anthony.

And now, a question for you guys – I’ve been posting a lot of Forgetting Sarah Marshall news and media. I try to narrow it down to the Segel-heavy stuff and avoid repeating the same junket interview fifty times – still, with the premiere last week and the release coming up, there’s been a lot of FSM stuff around. How much is too much for your taste?

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How much Forgetting Sarah Marshall coverage is the right amount?

I think it’s been fine.