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Finks Coverage

If you’re close enough to Poughkeepsie that it’s a possibility, you’ve got until August 3 to see a performance of Finks at Vassar’s Powerhouse Theater, starring Josh Radnor. The play has been reviewed here and here, and Josh talks about the show and how it felt to go back to theater after acting for TV in this article.

Josh Radnor in Finks

For those of you near Poughkeepsie, Josh Radnor’s starring in a production of the show Finks at Vassar’s Powerhouse Theater. The show runs from tomorrow until August 3.

In the summer of 1952, a stand-up comic on the verge of a big TV breakthrough and an actress/activist meet and fall in love. But the House Committee on Un-American Activities is about to present the terrible choice that tests not only their love, but the friendships, loyalties, and convictions of a generation.

You can read more about the production here and here.

If you’re interested in going, you can buy tickets here (there’s a message about how only subscriptions are available before June 4, but it looks like you can just ignore that and move on to purchasing individual tickets), or by calling (845) 437-7235.