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News Roundup

Pre-Order Your Dr. Horrible DVD


News Roundup

  • Footage of NPH getting dunked on Ellen last week has finally surfaced!
  • Variety’s Q&A with Carter Bays and Craig Thomas has been posted. Between that and Cleveland Magazine’s interview with Carter Bays, there’s a lot of talk about how much of the show is based in real life. [There's an extension of the Cleveland interview here - to see the video, you'll have to be logged out of Facebook.]
  • USA Today ran a story about the mystery surrounding the mother, with some input from Josh Radnor and Craig Thomas.
  • Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette answered a question about Marshall’s wardrobe.
  • NPH-Fan.com has photos of Neil at the premiere of Criss Angel’s Believe last weekend.
  • The soundtrack to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is currently only five dollars on Amazon, but I hear that’s just for today.
  • Audible is offering eight minutes of The Bro Code as its free listen for the week.
  • And now there are petitions: Jason Segel, cut your hair.

News Roundup

[What can I say? The show took a week off and so did I. A lot of you are waiting on emails right now - you'll get a response this weekend!]

News Roundup

[Spoilers: Jason doesn't say anything spoilery, but while he's answering the Alyson Hannigan and Sarah Chalke questions, they show some video of Sarah, Jason, and Alyson shooting scenes for an upcoming episode.]

Dr. Horrible Soundtrack

According to MTV, the soundtrack to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog will be available on iTunes on September 2.

Happy Birthday, Josh – have some free Dr. Horrible!

Josh Radnor turns 34 today.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is once again available, official and for free, but with a few ads this time.

Neil Patrick Harris Q&A, plus some Future!Mosbys

Last minute, I know – NPH will be on The View today. 10 AM, ABC.

A transcript of the Washington Post chat can be found here. [Some Dr. Horrible spoilers.] My favorite part:

Damn: I’m straight and I think I’d go out with you. Probably upset the wife and kids, though. So what do you think happened to Doogie? Did he grow up, buy a Porsche and start a family practice in the suburbs?

Neil Patrick Harris: He probably developed an addiction to painkillers and wanders around with a cane at some hospital somewhere…

There’s also a small piece of Emmy talk from him here.

As for the Future!Mosbys – Bob Saget has been cast in a new CW sitcom, and apparently Ted’s son and Robin’s sister are dating.

Bits and Pieces

The Washington Post is currently taking questions for a Neil Patrick Harris chat that will take place in…seven and a half hours. Submit your questions now!

Gloria Calderon Kellet is nominated for an ALMA award – Outstanding Writing for a Television Series, “How I Met Everyone Else.”

A TCA roundup: Photos of Neil and Cobie at the CBS TCA party, more photos, Cobie talks about Sarah Chalke [it's highlight #2], Sarah Chalke talks about everyone, Neil talks about marriage, Regis and Kelly, and being a fairy shoeperson.

Finally, the initial numbers say Dr. Horrible racked up 2.25 million views.

Joss Whedon Q&A – Sequel? Soundtrack? DVD?

The Washington Post did a live chat with Joss Whedon earlier today – you can read the whole thing here, but here’s the big stuff:

Stuttgart, Germany: I want, no, I need a sequel! Any chances?
Joss Whedon: It’s over! Let it go!

Or, okay…. We’d love to, but it wouldn’t be simple and it wouldn’t be soon. And frankly, Neil needs to work on his singing. The voice has promise, but…

Calgary, Alberta: Any ETA on the CD/DVD?
Joss Whedon: Soon as we can, but definitely in time to make the perfect stocking stuffer! (Why does that sound dirty this time…?)

Over at philly.com, Neil says a little bit about working with Joss.