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Somewhat Delayed Ratings: The Naked Man

Sorry this is late – the numbers came out later than usual yesterday morning, and I just haven’t had time. [Heads up - the post about Cobie's pregnancy has been updated to include this link, with some thoughts from Craig Thomas.

Viewers: 9.96 million. The streak had to end at some point - this is down .03 million, or 30,000 viewers, from last week's 9.99 million. [Last week, although the overnight numbers - the ones that were posted here - pegged the audience at 9.84 million, the final number was 9.99.] The slight downturn was partly because of Dancing with the Stars, which aired its final competition show and had about 1.5 million more viewers at 8:30 than at the same time the week before.

Adults 18-49: 4.3/11

Adults 18-34: 3.7/10

Adults 25-54: 4.5/10

Households: 5.9/9

Compared to other networks: First in 18-34, and in everything else, second to Dancing with the Stars, as usual. [But hey, it's over! For now.]

Compared to other CBS comedies: Last in viewers again (although HIMYM was only 70,000 viewers behind TBBT), but first in 18-34, and second in 18-49 and 25-54.

[No CBS section this week, as they didn't say anything beyond stating the numbers.]

Sources: PIFeedback, Zap2It, CBS.

Post-Ep: The Naked Man

Barney’s Blog delves into the origins of The Naked Man.

HIMYM Style has identified some of the outfits from last night’s episodes.

Lily’s 50 Reasons to Have Sex List.

Clips from the episode – try this if you’re outside the US:

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News Roundup

  • Trailer for 4.09:
  • Cobie Smulders on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson:
  • Alyson Hannigan walks, carries drinks. There are also HQ versions of the rest of the Lint Roller Party photos available here.
  • Jason Segel’s upcoming movie, I Love You, Man has had its release moved from January 16 to March 20.
  • The 2008 World Magic Awards, which Neil Patrick Harris hosted a while back, will air this Wednesday on MyNetworkTV. The LA Stage Blog posted a photo of Neil at the recent Ovation Awards.
  • Bob Saget’s new sitcom may never see the light of day now that Media Rights Capital has lost control over the CW’s Sunday night lineup.
  • Photos of one of Those People on set, including one shot with Jason Segel and his attractive new haircut.
  • Variety’s 2008 Comedy Impact Report includes a profile on Jason Segel and one on Carter Bays and Craig Thomas.
  • Fun with numbers: Based on data from tvbythenumbers.com, last week HIMYM was the third most-watched half-hour comedy on network TV (behind Two and a Half Men and Worst Week). It had the second-best 18-49 numbers (behind Men, and tied with The Office) and the second-best 18-34 numbers (behind The Office, tied with 30 Rock).

Photos from 4.09: The Naked Man

This episode will air on November 24. There are nine photos – mostly they’re standard MacLaren’s shots, but two of them are mildly spoilery. [You'll recognize one of the show's recurring elements, but it's not central to the episode's plot.]

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Episode Switch

“Woooo!” will air on Monday the 17th, making it 4.08 and pushing “The Naked Man” back to 4.09.

More Spoilers for 409 – The Naked Man

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409: The Naked Man

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