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Ratings: The Best Burger In New York

This post will be updated with more information as it becomes available. The ratings post for 401 has been updated with end-of-week analysis from CBS.

Viewers: 8.8 million. Down about a million from last week, but drop-off after a premiere is typical. This week also had the added competition of the premiere of NBC’s Chuck: last week, NBC aired a Heroes clip show.

Adults 18-49: 3.7/9

Adults 25-54: 4.2/10

Households: 5.6/8

Compared to other networks: HIMYM placed second (in all categories – viewers, households, 18-49, and 25-54) in its timeslot – behind Dancing with the Stars, but ahead of Chuck, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Gossip Girl. CBS came second to ABC in all categories except adults 18-49, where it just barely beat ABC out.

Compared to the other CBS comedies: HIMYM was third in viewers (Two and a Half: 13.76, Worst Week: 9.31, HIMYM: 8.8, TBBT: 8.71). HIMYM was second in 18-49 (Two and a Half: 4.7/11, HIMYM: 3.7/9, TBBT: 3.3/9, Worst Week: 3.1/7), second in 25-54 (Two: 6.1/13, HIMYM: 4.2/10, TBBT: 4.0/10, Worst Week: 4.0/9), and last in households (Two and a Half: 8.6/12, Worst Week: 5.8/9, TBBT: 5.5/9, HIMYM: 5.6/8), which is unsurprising given that HIMYM skews young.

Sources: PIFeedback, Zap2It, CBS.

Post-Ep: The Best Burger In New York

Inspired by his run-ins with Regis, Barney contemplates a hosting career.

And clips!

Videos: One Regis, One Alyson

A CBS promo focusing on Regis’ guest appearance tonight:

And Alyson’s recent appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show:

TV Guide Interviews Josh, 402 Promo

Spoilers for 405, of the “where are Ted and Stella headed” variety. Also, here’s a promo for 402 with very little in the way of new footage:

Clip from 402: The Best Burger in New York

The Watcher has it here. You don’t need to worry about spoilers. [You actually don't need to worry about spoilers for this episode at all, as they're more or less nonexistent.]

Clips from Season Four

The Chicago Tribune has a clip from 401 up, in which Stella responds to Ted’s proposal.

Entertainment Tonight went on set during the filming of 402 – there’s a lot of Regis. A lot. Then there’s some NPH, some footage from the episode, and…nothing from any of the other actors, if I’m remembering right.

Photos: Creative Arts Emmys, World’s Greatest Burger

For everyone outside the United States who couldn’t see the recap videos: You can see the full S3 recap here. I’ll have to upload the cliffhangers video elsewhere because YouTube’s blocking it, but that’s coming to.

Photos are after the jump – seven full-sized promo shots from World’s Greatest Burger, and 21 photos (five large, sixteen small) from yesterday’s Creative Arts Emmys. Continue reading →

Bits and Pieces – Upcoming Episodes

Everything’s after the jump – nothing major, some casting news for “Stella!” and a photo from “World’s Greatest Burger.”

Continue reading →

402 Casting Tidbit

As spoilers go: Not that spoilery, and also not that interesting. Continue reading →

Episode 402: World’s Greatest Burger

Episode info after the jump – nothing too spoilery, though. Continue reading →