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Barney’s Blog Update for Miracles

Poor Barney. His blogging abilities have been hindered slightly by the fact that he’s currently suited up in a full-body cast, so he’s paid a less-than-cooperative Nurse Bill to help him out.

Ratings for 3.20: Miracles

From PIFeedback:

Dancing With the Stars, which closes the season tonight, opened the evening with a considerable (and, of course, dominant) 18.84 million viewers and a 4.3 rating/12 share among adults 18-49 from 8-9 p.m. Second was the season-finale of Fox’s underrated Bones at 10.15 million viewers and a 3.3/10 in the demo., followed by the season-finales of CBS’ The Big Bang Theory (Viewers: #3, 7.36 million; A18-49: #3, 2.7/ 8) and How I Met Your Mother (Viewers: #3, 7.92 million; A18-49: #3, 3.2/ 9), the first hour of a 90-minute edition of NBC’s American Gladiators (Viewers: #4, 3.71 million; A18-49: #4, 1.5/ 4), and the Gossip Girl season-ender on the CW (Viewers: #5, 2.97 million; A18-49: #5, 1.4/ 4).

7.92 million makes this the least-watched episode since October…not that it matters in the slightest now that we’ve been renewed. Breathe easy for the next few months, there’s no need to stress over ratings until the fall.

More Miracles Video

The first clip is the flashback sequence slowed down so you can actually make out what’s being shown, the second is a certain memorable hospital scene from the end of the episode.

In Case You Missed It…

It’s the little things that make me love this show. Continue reading →

Clips from Miracles

Tonight: Miracles [Season Finale]

Official summary from CBS:

When Ted is in an accident, he re-evaluates his life and relationship with Stella.

You can read everything that’s been posted about the episode with this tag, or just check out this post, which has the bulk of the spoilers.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you might want to consider attending this unofficial finale party at Bamboo.

Craig Thomas Interview

Not to be outdone by the TV Squad interview with Carter Bays, Zap2It and Craig Thomas got together for a talk. Once again, Thomas gives you a lot of information and a lot to think about without giving any specifics away – it’s a great read, especially this:

Tell me, do you have the whole mother thing mapped out at this point, or are you still debating in the writers room?
We know what we’d like to do. We’ve had a plan since the pilot and we actually shot a little piece of it at the beginning of season two, using the kids, because we knew if we waited until the finale of the series, the kids would have aged like six years. So yeah, part of our plan for how we want to end it all has already been done.

Full interview here! He also answers the Barney/Robin question – will the show touch on that pairing again, or are they done with it?

Craig Thomas: Says a lot, gives very little away.

The Chicago Tribune talked to Craig Thomas about Stella, the strike, and the season finale. Continue reading →

More Spoilers for 3.20, Miracles

These ones are back to the regular spoiler level, after the weekend’s “well, there’s a scene in a car…” vagueness.

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IGN Talks to Sarah and Josh

Yes, Chalke explained, she was indeed wearing part of her costume from Scrubs on How I Met Your Mother, as she went from playing Dr. Elliot Reed to Dr. Stella. Chalke explained, “They covered up the Dr. Reed patch with a pocket protector, so I actually did have my blankie from the past eight years with me.”

You can read the full interview here – or, if you’re just in it for the spoilers, those are behind the jump. Continue reading →