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Jason Segel, Cut Your Hair [Photos from 3.19]

TV Guide went behind the scenes while Rebound Bro was being filmed and did some awkward interviews about Sarah Chalke’s return:

Also, amouriss at LiveJournal’s slutup community posted a bunch of promo pictures from 3.19. Continue reading →

Odds and Ends

-Real Life Comics centered around HIMYM today.

-Jason Segel wrote a Charles Grodin cameo into the new Muppet movie. Whether Grodin will agree to it is unclear.

-Theory from seat42f – did they reveal the mother last night?

-What’s on NPH’s TiVo? He shows up at around 1:45. [NPH and L-WFI: United in our love for The Amazing Race.]

-Josh Radnor on the chances of renewal. The official announcement comes on May 14.

Post-Ep for Rebound Bro: Ratings, Videos, and Barney’s Blog

From PIFeedback:

CBS had a typical Monday with its combination of The Big Bang Theory (Viewers: #3, 7.56 million; A18-49: #2, 2.8/ 9), How I Met Your Mother (Viewers: #3, 8.35 million; A18-49: #2, 3.5/10), Two and a Half Men (Viewers: #2, 13.50 million; A18-49: #1, 4.8/12), Rules of Engagement (Viewers: #3, 10.52 million; A18-49: #2, 3.9/ 9) and CSI: Miami (Viewers: #1, 13.86 million; A18-49: #1, 4.0/11), which is not the same powerhouse it once was.

Basically: Slightly down from The Goat, which was up from Sandcastles in the Sand, but still higher than The Chain of Screaming [the lowest rated post-strike episode] was.

Clips from the episode:

CBS has posted photos from the episode and Barney’s latest blog entry – an application to become his next wingman.

IGN Talks to Sarah and Josh

Yes, Chalke explained, she was indeed wearing part of her costume from Scrubs on How I Met Your Mother, as she went from playing Dr. Elliot Reed to Dr. Stella. Chalke explained, “They covered up the Dr. Reed patch with a pocket protector, so I actually did have my blankie from the past eight years with me.”

You can read the full interview here – or, if you’re just in it for the spoilers, those are behind the jump. Continue reading →

OFFICIAL: Stella’s Receptionist Returning


Other relevant things from the article: Barney’s rebound bro in 3.18 will be played by Will Forte. [AMAZING.] And, spoilers:

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Google It: Spoiler Suit Up!

For the second installment of Google It, we’ll be helping out all those people who came looking for The Goat and Rebound Bro spoilers.

The last big spoiler post I did [back on April 10] included the Barney/Robin hookup, but I’m afraid there’s nothing quite so earth-shattering this time: The show’s being pretty careful about keeping wherever that pairing is headed.

Here’s what we do know.

[Spoiler level: They're fairly detailed summaries of the basic plots of the episodes, but I've got nothing about how the episodes are resolved. If these were spoilers for Swarley, you'd know all about Marshall and Chloe and the Crazy Eyes and Barney's nickname and how uncomfortable Lily was with Marshall dating again, but not that Marshall and Lily got back together.]

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Cobie Smulders/Sandcastles in the Sand

Extended version of the E! video that was posted on Friday – lots more Beek.

While we’re on Watch with Kristin, yesterday she posted a couple of spoilers that you could’ve gotten here a week ago. Oh well. [And speaking of spoilers, look for a special edition of Google It later today - apparently after last night, plenty of people are after 317 info?]

The Bastardly has photos of Cobie at the Cool Comedy – Hot Cuisine party.

TV Guide has an interview with Cobie – check it out. Apparently “there’s another relationship in [Robin's] future.”

Episode 3.18 Title

Episode 318 [May 5] will be titled “Rebound Bro.” When Ted stops being his wingman, a hurt Barney finds himself a new brotege.