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Ratings for 315: The Chain of Screaming

From The Hollywood Reporter:

CBS won Monday night despite its overall average dipping this week.

The network’s comedies have settled somewhat since their return a few weeks ago, but continue to be competitive in their time periods. There’s “Big Bang Theory” (7.7 million, 2.9/8), “How I Met Your Mother” (8 million, 3.4/9) and “Two and a Half Men” (13.8 million, 5.3/13). Also, “Rules of Engagement” returned to match its prior average (10.3 million, 4.0/10). “CSI: Miami” was a repeat.

It’s a pretty big drop in viewers, but, like the quote says, they all dropped this week – Dancing with the Stars had its lowest ratings ever. Provided this is a low point and not part of an overall decline, it should be okay, especially with James van der Beek and more Robin Sparkles coming in next week.

The Chain of Screaming: Post-Ep

For those of you who haven’t been able to see the episode yet, here’s another clip from CBS:

Barney’s Blog is up – this week, he elaborates on The Chain Circle Pyramid of Screaming, complete with a partial diagram of how the pyramid works for him, and a blank one for use in determining whom you’re allowed to scream at.

Tonight: "The Chain of Screaming"

After Marshall is verbally emasculated by his boss, he struggles with the fact that taking a job with a “big bad” corporate law firm may have been a major mistake.

If you missed it, we posted a clip from the episode in this post, and you can catch a shorter clip in Alyson’s appearance on Craig Ferguson in this post.

If your life doesn’t contain enough HIMYM discussion with illiterate thirteen year olds, CBS has opened up an official message board. It’s pretty calm right now, but like all official message boards, it will inevitably be overrun by tweens and trolls, so get in now while the getting’s good.

Finally: Every once in a while, I’ll check my site stats and find that someone has been led SERIOUSLY ASTRAY by Google in coming here. I sincerely apologize to anyone who was actually looking for best women cougar hunting dens nyc and ended up here – I can’t do anything for you, but here are some search terms I can provide answers for:

forgetting sarah marshall premiere josh radnor: Josh couldn’t go – he was on the East Coast, appearing on talk shows and campaigning for Obama.
ted mosby is a jerk singer: That’s Charlene Amoia, who plays Wendy the Waitress.
doogie howser how i met your mother spoof:

why is barney no longer working (barney from barney and friends) I wish I knew.

Roundup – Cobie and Alyson on Ferguson, FSM reviews, Jason Segel, NPH on Stella’s Receptionist Abby, and Josh’s interviews

Cast on the air:: Cobie Smulders will be on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson this Wednesday, April 16.

While you wait, here’s Alyson’s appearance from last night – includes a new clip from “The Chain of Screaming.”

Forgetting Sarah Marshall:: I was at a screening of Forgetting Sarah Marshall today, and it was fantastic. Jason does a great job as Peter, and the script itself was hilarious – the audience was loving it. The Hollywood Reporter loved it too.

AZ Central has a new Jason Segel interview, and the LA Times has a less interesting but still worthwhile article/interview.

And here’s Kristen Bell asking Jason what movie or show he wishes he could’ve been in:

Stuntcastgate:: Ten seconds of Googling “neil patrick harris” will prove that half the news outlets in the world took NPH’s reservations about stunt casting and turned them into “BARNEY HATES [STELLA'S RECEPTIONIST ABBY]” headlines. He’s since released a statement clarifying his remarks – Associated Press, Entertainment Weekly.

And for anyone after Josh’s appearance on Regis and Kelly yesterday, you can see part of it sandwiched between a bunch of Abby talk:

A better video from Josh’s mini press tour yesterday can be found here – it’s his appearance on the CW11 morning news. He confirms that Ted and Stella are still together [although with Sarah Chalke's return indefinite, that could all play out offscreen], talks about meeting the mother, about Abby, and being hugged by random strangers.

MAJOR Spoilers for Upcoming Episodes

First off: As you may have seen in the sidebar, 3.17′s title is The Goat – you may remember that in the Season One episode “Milk” (which takes place on Ted’s 28th birthday), Ted says he has a story about a goat in his bathroom on his thirtieth birthday – well, it’s coming up.

Behind the jump: Small spoilers for 3.15 (The Chain of Screaming), medium spoilers for 3.16 (Sandcastles in the Sand), and HUGE spoilers for 3.17 (The Goat).

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New Clip! Barney explains "The Chain of Screaming"

Well, technically it’s a circle. From IGN:

How They Get Each Other

The Bradenton Herald (apparently via the Washington Post, though I can’t find anything on the Post’s website) has a great article about the rest of the season.



This week, Marshall gets shouted down by his boss, “Artillery Arthur” (guest star Bob Odenkirk) – or, as Segel put it, “The wheel of abuse finally lands on Marshall.” The traumatic moment leads to the end of Marshall’s brief career as a high-paid corporate lawyer and sets him back on course to become a do-gooding environmental lawyer.

Segel, whose movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” opens April 18, said he’s happy to see his character on track again.

“Marshall has such a pure heart, so I like to see him achieve his goals,” he said. “I’m happy he ends up turning his back on the corporate world. I’m very proud of him.

“And I’m glad we get to see me at work. You get to see Marshall in ‘schlubby husband’ mode most of the time. It’s nice to see me in a suit. I’m finally suiting up.”

And on Ted:

“Ted had been turning into Barney, so we’re putting him back on track as the nice guy we all fell in love with in the first place,” Bays said. “The second half of the season will move him a little closer to what Marshall and Lily have, but as a result, it will make him question having a Barney in his life. Some big events will put that in motion.”

Full article at the source.

3.15 Title Change

According to spoilerfix.com, next week’s episode, formerly “The Simmons Report,” is now titled “The Chain of Screaming.”

After Marshall is verbally emasculated by his boss, he struggles with the fact that taking a job with a “big bad” corporate law firm may have been a major mistake.

More on “The Chain of Screaming” and “Sandcastles in the Sand” at SpoilerFix.com.