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HIMYM’s Emmy Submission

I’ve been told by Jennifer that the HIMYM Emmy screeners for Outstanding Comedy Series have gone out! Screeners are DVDs that the studio sends to Emmy voters to familiarize them with the shows that are up for nomination – the episodes they’re submitting for consideration from this season are Ten Sessions, The Bracket, How I Met Everyone Else, and Sandcastles in the Sand.

This year’s Emmy nominations will be announced on July 17.

Thoughts? Personally, I think it’s a good selection that shows the range of the show nicely, but I’m a little surprised that Slapsgiving didn’t make the cut.

From NJ.com: TedMosbyIsAJerk.com is a legendary idea

NJ.com talked to Carter Bays about tedmosbyisajerk.com and the Doogie Howser bit at the end of The Bracket:

TedMosbyisajerk.com had kind of the same origins as Barney’s Blog — it was initially just a joke in the script, nothing more. Then we realized if we’re saying “tedmosbyisajerk.com” on the show, we should buy that web address, just in case someone else bought it and threw a bunch of porn up there or something. So once we had the web address, we decided to put a little site up, with just some really simple text and a few images. And then Carl MacLaren, our associate producer, had this crazy idea of doing a song. Craig and I love any chance to write music, and I had just bought some cheap recording equipment, so we decided to write and record a little theme song for the website. Then the whole thing got out of hand, and it turned into this 20 minute opus. We wanted it to be like a long Patti Smith song, with this rambling poetry, or like the song “Turn Blue” by Iggy Pop.

Anyway, the whole thing happened really quickly — Carl had the idea last week and we recorded it this weekend. The vocals are by Charlene Amoia, the actress who plays Wendy the Waitress on the show (hence the Wendy the Waitress reference at the end). We all sort of wrote it together — some of it was written out, and some of it was just Charlene at the mic going off like Mick Jagger, which was hilarious to witness…

Continued at the source!

Ratings for 314: The Bracket

From The Hollywood Reporter:

“Big Bang Theory” was down 9% (8.7 million, 3.1/9). Following last week’s record-setting episode, “How I Met Your Mother” dropped 11% (9.7 million, 4.0/11) to still garner a quality number. “Two and a Half Men” was up a notch (14.4 million, 5.3/13) . “Christine” went out on a high note, its season finale up 16% week to week (12.4 million, 4.4/11). “CSI: Miami” (million, 4.8/12) was down a tick from last week’s return to originals.

Not ideal [the numbers are slightly lower than the ones for "No Tomorrow," meaning that the stunt-casting bump doesn't seem to have had a long-term effect], but still great news – “No Tomorrow,” “Ten Sessions,” and “The Bracket” have been the show’s most-watched episodes since February 2007.

Post-314 Wrapup

First off, LOVED last night’s episode – it was great to get back to the gang as a whole, and to have a near-perfect episode topped off with Barney blogging Doogie Howser, MD style was genius.

Now, onto the updates:

Barney’s Blog has been updated with Barney’s guide to scrapbooking:

Here’s where I really like to get creative. On page 83 of my own scrapbook, I detail a roll in the hay with a strapping young milkmaid. We quite literally rolled in hay. Hence, I constructed a border out of strands of hay I later found attached to my underpants.

TedMosbyIsAJerk.com is, as you probably know by now, a real website, complete with illustrations, a scan of the letter “Ted” left her, and a twenty-minute song.

Jaime Pressly has just been cast in I Love You, Man – she joins Paul Rudd, Rashida Jones, and HIMYM’s Jason Segel.

The poster for Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, the Joss Whedon web musical that NPH is starring in, has been released:

Source: DrHorrible.com. For more information on Doctor Horrible, try Whedonesque.

Also, in case you missed this commercial last night:

Neil Patrick Harris: What’s Right With America.

Today in HIMYM

Episode 314, The Bracket, airs tonight! When Barney’s love life is sabotaged by a mystery woman, he turns to tournament bracketology to narrow down the field of 64 women with the most cause to hate his guts.

CBS has released another clip from the episode:

It looks like NPH will not be on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight after all – Craig’s website says his guests will be Aisha Tyler and Richard Branson.

Remember, for those of you interested in shelling out a few hundred or thousand dollars for something Stella’s receptionist Abby once wore, the auction ends tonight at 9EST.

Preview Clip from 3.14: The Bracket

The Bracket airs this Monday at 8:30PM on CBS.

[Thanks to Laura for the tip!]