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HIMYM’s Emmy Submission

I’ve been told by Jennifer that the HIMYM Emmy screeners for Outstanding Comedy Series have gone out! Screeners are DVDs that the studio sends to Emmy voters to familiarize them with the shows that are up for nomination – the episodes they’re submitting for consideration from this season are Ten Sessions, The Bracket, How I Met Everyone Else, and Sandcastles in the Sand.

This year’s Emmy nominations will be announced on July 17.

Thoughts? Personally, I think it’s a good selection that shows the range of the show nicely, but I’m a little surprised that Slapsgiving didn’t make the cut.

‘How I Met Your Mother’: Does It Feel Braffy in Here?

I don’t particularly agree with this article – especially not the suggestion that they get rid of the Your Mother teasers – but it does get endless points for the word “Braffy.”

The episode ended with a deadpan “two-minute date,” a neatly choreographed bit of TV business in which Ted took Sarah Chalke out for dinner, a movie, dessert, and a good-night kiss in just two minutes, to the tune of Big Star’s “Thirteen.” So yeah: a little bit twee, a little bit overdesigned, and a little bit unbelievable. In short, a little bit Braffy.

[New York Magazine]

Video roundup, 3.13

HIMYM mention on last night’s Letterman:

Episode clips:
-Folliculaphilia [Robin's got it a little bit.]
-Ted’s Two-Minute Date
-Barney’s Fireball

Last night’s ratings.

From PI Feedback, these are the ratings for last night’s sitcom block on CBS:

8:00 The Big Bang Theory     5.3/9  3.4/10 8,627,000
8:30 How I Met Your Mother   6.3/10 4.5/12 10,622,000
9:00 Two and a Half Men      8.7/13 5.1/13 14,253,000
9:30 The New Adventures…   6.3/9  3.8/9  9,870,000

First column of numbers: Rating/share for households. Second column: Rating/share in adults 18-49. Third column: Number of viewers.

[Information on rating and share can be found here, at The Futon Critic's ratings FAQ.]

According to Access Hollywood, “Ten Sessions” brought in HIMYM’s highest-ever ratings in the 18-49 demographic – great news, provided the show can maintain some of the stunt-casting bump next week.

Get your very own piece of HIMYM history.

CBS is sponsoring six auctions of items Stella’s receptionist Abby wore for tonight’s episode, Ten Sessions – four dresses, two cardigans. The auctions started immediately following the East Coast airing of the episode, and are open until next Monday at 9:00PM Eastern. Proceeds go to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

SeenON! Auction Store

tonight’s episode – "Ten Sessions"

Ted goes to see a dermatologist (Sarah Chalke) to have the butterfly tattoo he got earlier in the season removed. While there, he falls for the dermatologist, while her receptionist, Abby, falls for him.

[This placeholder blatantly stolen from Wikipedia!]

Today is also Alyson Hannigan’s birthday – she’s 34.