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It’s here!

The first act of Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is now available at drhorrible.com, and it is FANTASTIC. The site also has iTunes store links – the first act is available for $1.99.

What do you think – did they get off to a good start?

Web Extras from 3.19

By now I’m sure you’re all aware that lilyandmarshallselltheirstuff.com is a real site set up by the show to benefit LA Children’s Hospital – the auctions run for another ten days, so bid soon and you, like Ted, could attempt to pull off a pair of red cowboy boots.

As for guyforceshiswifetodressinagarbagebagforthenextthreeyears.com, Rorgg at TWoP has posted a near-complete translation of the song playing on the site. [FYI, the French-speaking voice is Carter Bays, and the photos are of two people who work on HIMYM.] You can download the song here.

And this week in Barney’s Blog, he educates some poor ignorant loser named Med Tosby.

Josh at depARTed/Missing Moment from 3.17

Another photo of Josh at the depARTed show.

Still no post-ep releases from CBS – to tide you over until episode clips and Barney’s blog update hapoen, though, here’s a look at the¬†script for the scene¬†that was mentioned in the spoilers but cut from the episode – Barney tries to tempt Ted into sleeping with his fake girlfriend.

Dracula’s Lament/H&K at SXSW Film Festival

Listen 4 This has the mp3 of Dracula’s Lament from Forgetting Sarah Marshall available for download.

And here’s the video of the SXSW Film Festival’s Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay panel last month:

Also, Josh Radnor went to see the opening of depARTed at World of Wonder – apparently, so did Damien from Mean Girls.

The Spectacals – Get Back With Robin

CBS just put out this new promo – they say the song is by “cult indie rock band The Spectacals,” but apparently “cult indie rock band” is code for “two dudes who get paid to sing songs about CBS shows.” Anyway, if you’re looking to download the song, it’s available on their MySpace.

NPH Roundup, Part A Million

NPH talked to the LA Times about butlers, Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, nightlife, and aging.

For my 30th birthday party my friends threw me a treasure hunt. I was sort of kidnapped by my friends and thrown in the trunk of a car. All day I had to accomplish tasks. . . . It was the coolest day of my life.

Full interview here.

MTV talked to Neil about the difference between Neil Patrick Harris and “Neil Patrick Harris.” Here’s the video, but definitely read the interview as well – there’s some stuff that didn’t make the video.

Audio, video, and articles after the jump.

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NPH on Howard Stern (Audio), Site News

NPH’s appearance on Howard Stern yesterday: right-click and save [Remember, the show airs on satellite radio and, as such, is uncensored - you've been warned.]

In site news, I’m switching the site over to WordPress, since I’ve had it with Blogger’s recent inability to publish posts in under twenty minutes. Expect some weirdness while the change happens, and a new layout when it’s all over.

Sandcastles in the Sand – Lyrics and MP3!

Variety released the next Robin Sparkles single, Sandcastles in the Sand. You can listen to it there, or download the MP3 here:

Right-click and save: Sandcastles in the Sand

From the article -

Snippets of the “Sandcastle” video are expected to show up on MySpace Wednesday, with the full clip bowing on MySpace and CBS.com immediately following Monday’s broadcast. Auds will even be able to download the song on iTunes starting next Tuesday.

“Sandcastles in the Sand” airs on CBS this Monday at 8:30.

And don’t forget – Cobie will be on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight. Hopefully she’ll be bringing a clip from the video with her!

Met you at the mall
Didn’t know how far I would fall
My friends said I was a fool (you’re a fool) (shut up)
‘Cause you were older and got kicked out of school (you’re so rad)
Together we were gonna travel the globe
From Alberta to Ontario

But now I’m building sandcastles in the sand (sandcastles in the sand)
Thought I could fly when you held my hand (thought I could fly)
But now eternity turns to black and white
It was the greatest week and a half of my life

We used to go to the beach
Back when happiness was in our reach (so close)
On our favorite bench
We’d sit and talk and you taught me to French
You’re good at pullups and have radical hair
I hate my dad he’s so unfair (you don’t understand our love)

But now I’m building sandcastles in the sand (sandcastles in the sand)
Thought I could fly when I held your hand (I was wrong)
Eternity turns to black and white
It was the greatest week and a half of my life

It’s crazy no one gets me
Castles wash away
Come back please
I’ve changed my mind
Let’s go all the way (I love you, let’s do it)
I miss you

Sandcastles in the sand (oh, I miss your hair)
Thought I could fly when I held your hand (I thought you were the one)
Sandcastles wash away (I love you, let’s do it)
And all that’s left is some sand the next day
Sandcastles may be cute (I’m on the pill now)
But now all they do is remind me of you
(Let’s go all the way)
(You said it’d be okay)
(I’m sorry)
Sandcastles wash away