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Sparkles Mall Tour Shirts – On Sale

Glarkware’s offering huge discounts for Black Friday, meaning you can get the Sparkles Mall Tour shirt (and any other shirt on the site, though the Slap Bet Commissioner design is sold out) for five dollars, while supplies last. (Which shouldn’t be long – most sizes are already sold out.)

News Roundup

  • Scheduling: December 1 will be a rerun of The Bracket, and a new episode, The Fight, will air on December 8. [If you don't read big spoilers, the network-issued description of the episode is here.] I would guess that since Benefits is reportedly airing in January, Little Minnesota will be moved ahead of it to air on December 15, but we won’t know for another week or so.
  • Josh Radnor recently appeared in the November 17 issue of People Magazine:
  • Video of Josh at Don’t Quit Your Night Job (thanks Ingrid!):

    You can read a firsthand account of the event here.
  • Cobie Smulders will appear on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on November 21 (that’s this Friday night – thanks Shermie!). She’s also up for a Gemini Award for Hottest Canadian Female TV Star. You can vote here. Cobie was also interviewed by Lara Spencer of The Insider:
  • Neil Patrick Harris is one of Entertainment Weekly’s 25 Entertainers of the Year. There’s a video interview here, and you can see scans of the article here.
  • Neil also hosted the Los Angeles Ovation Awards on Monday, and the Artios Awards a week before that.
  • Neil talks about playing Barney in what may or may not be a new interview.
  • Jason Segel has been announced as one of the voice actors in the 2010 release Despicable Me.
  • Pam Fryman is directing the pilot for a potential new CBS comedy called The Karenskys.
  • Auction: Win a set visit and a signed photo of the cast! Auction ends on November 23.
  • Those People talk about their experience on the show here, here, and here. They’re talking about filming, so obviously, there are going to be some spoilers for 411.
  • Analysis: da_phoenix13 on LiveJournal looks at the significance of games in How I Met Your Mother.

The Alyson Hannigan portion of the update got out of hand lengthwise and will be posted separately.

Excerpt: The Bro Code

The Bro Code [previously covered here and here] comes out on Tuesday:

Everyone’s life is governed by an internal code of conduct. Some call it morality. Others call it religion. But Bros in the know call this holy grail the Bro Code.Historically a spoken tradition passed from one generation to the next, the official code of conduct for Bros appears here in its published form for the first time ever. By upholding the tenets of this sacred and legendary document, any dude can learn to achieve Bro-dom.

You can hear a clip of the audiobook [about four and a half minutes], read by Neil Patrick Harris, here. Or: right-click, save. [Thanks to KR for the tip!]

Amazon.com posted an excerpt, which is after the jump. Continue reading →

The Bro Code – Release Details

Simon & Schuster has released details about the upcoming book version of The Bro Code. As was mentioned before, it’s by Matt Kuhn, who is the guy behind Barney’s blog as well as the writer of the episodes Slapsgiving and Columns.

The book’s release is set for October 14. 208 pages, paperback, list price $13.00 (with Amazon pre-orders costing $10.40).

The best part? There’s also going to be an audio version, read by Neil Patrick Harris.

THE BRO CODE, from an episode of the CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother, a guide that provides men with all the rules they need to know in order to become a “bro,” supposedly dating back to the American Revolution and handed down to the character Barney Stinson (played by Neil Patrick Harris), written in the voice of Barney by show writer Matt Kuhn, to Meghan Stevenson at Touchstone Fireside, for publication in October 2008, by Debbie Olshan at Twentieth Century Fox, with Barry Kotler at the Gersh Agency representing Kuhn (world).


Barney’s Blog: The Bro Code

Barney’s Blog has been updated with information about The Bro Code.

Neil Patrick Harris on Jimmy Kimmel

Also, after NPH’s beheading on Ellen, she apparently got a lot of emails from concerned parents and upset kids who wanted proof that Neil hadn’t actually been killed. She addresses it in this video, starting at the 7:00 mark, by showing footage of him getting up after the trick.

Also, we’ve got Doogie Grows Up from the Chicago Sun-Times, NPH on Barney and Doctor Horrible¬†from the Ventura County Star, a deleted scene of sorts from the LA Times piece, and this Desi You interview with NPH:

The Spectacals – Get Back With Robin

CBS just put out this new promo – they say the song is by “cult indie rock band The Spectacals,” but apparently “cult indie rock band” is code for “two dudes who get paid to sing songs about CBS shows.” Anyway, if you’re looking to download the song, it’s available on their MySpace.

Barney’s Blog/Sandcastles in the Sand Full Video/My Mind Is Broken

Apparently Barney’s got too much going on this week to put much thought into imparting his wisdom, because this week’s blog entry is mostly just a link to the video. The CBS video seems to be down, here’s the MySpace copy:

[You guys, the ending - best ever?]

Robin Sparkles updates

IGN has a great article about the return of Robin Sparkles here. They talk to Cobie, Jason Van Der Beek, Alan Thicke, Carter Bays, and Tiffany, plus there are some great photos from the video.

E! goes behind the scenes at the video shoot – they talk to Cobie and JVDB.

Dawson himself has some things to say about his character – and photos of his two looks – at his official site.

And here’s two more behind the scenes videos from CBS:

Another Robin Sparkles Preview

CBS has posted another thirty seconds of the Sandcastles in the Sand video to YouTube: