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InFANity: How I Met Your Mother

This aired a few weeks ago, but TV Guide just put it on YouTube. No spoilers (this was filmed two months ago), and they basically threw every single behind-the-scenes clip they could find into this, going back to Season Two, but there are some great interviews with the cast, as well as Carter Bays, Craig Thomas, and Pam Fryman. Most notably, in the first video, Alyson Hannigan endorses The Hair.

And Josh Radnor kicks ass at HIMYM trivia, only to be stumped by the lyrics to Let’s Go to the Mall:

Clip from 404, Another BuddyTV Interview

A two-minute clip from tonight’s episode:

And BuddyTV interviews Josh Radnor and Sarah Chalke – once again, if you don’t already know what 405 is about, the spoilers are pretty big.

404 Promo, Josh Radnor Article

This week’s Big Bang Theory/How I Met Your Mother promo:

Also, here’s that piece Josh Radnor wrote for the LA Times.

Josh Radnor wants you to vote.

News Roundup

[Spoilers: Jason doesn't say anything spoilery, but while he's answering the Alyson Hannigan and Sarah Chalke questions, they show some video of Sarah, Jason, and Alyson shooting scenes for an upcoming episode.]

TV Guide Interviews Josh, 402 Promo

Spoilers for 405, of the “where are Ted and Stella headed” variety. Also, here’s a promo for 402 with very little in the way of new footage:

News Roundup

Going rapid-fire with this, because six posts in a day is ridiculous enough as it is:

Emmys Roundup




NPH-Fan.com has a ton of Neil photos from all different stages of the event – here, here, and here.

Josh Radnor’s Ferguson Appearance

Remember, the Creative Arts Emmys are on E! tonight.

Cast at the CBS Comedies Premiere Party

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