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News Roundup

  • Trailer for 4.09:
  • Cobie Smulders on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson:
  • Alyson Hannigan walks, carries drinks. There are also HQ versions of the rest of the Lint Roller Party photos available here.
  • Jason Segel’s upcoming movie, I Love You, Man has had its release moved from January 16 to March 20.
  • The 2008 World Magic Awards, which Neil Patrick Harris hosted a while back, will air this Wednesday on MyNetworkTV. The LA Stage Blog posted a photo of Neil at the recent Ovation Awards.
  • Bob Saget’s new sitcom may never see the light of day now that Media Rights Capital has lost control over the CW’s Sunday night lineup.
  • Photos of one of Those People on set, including one shot with Jason Segel and his attractive new haircut.
  • Variety’s 2008 Comedy Impact Report includes a profile on Jason Segel and one on Carter Bays and Craig Thomas.
  • Fun with numbers: Based on data from tvbythenumbers.com, last week HIMYM was the third most-watched half-hour comedy on network TV (behind Two and a Half Men and Worst Week). It had the second-best 18-49 numbers (behind Men, and tied with The Office) and the second-best 18-34 numbers (behind The Office, tied with 30 Rock).

Segel Hairwatch: VICTORY!

The forces that tend for evil are great and terrible, but the forces of truth and love and courage and honesty and generosity and sympathy are also stronger than ever before.

-Theodore Roosevelt, April 15, 1906

After months of pain and horror, good has finally triumphed over evil, and our global crisis is, at last, finally over.

That’s right: Jason Segel cut his hair.

This is evident both in the photos from 410 that were posted last night and in fan encounter photos on ohnotheydidnt. [Given that those photos were taken on the 9th, this is somewhat old news, but hey - I'm on vacation, and a haircut's a haircut.]

News Roundup

  • Footage of NPH getting dunked on Ellen last week has finally surfaced!
  • Variety’s Q&A with Carter Bays and Craig Thomas has been posted. Between that and Cleveland Magazine’s interview with Carter Bays, there’s a lot of talk about how much of the show is based in real life. [There's an extension of the Cleveland interview here - to see the video, you'll have to be logged out of Facebook.]
  • USA Today ran a story about the mystery surrounding the mother, with some input from Josh Radnor and Craig Thomas.
  • Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette answered a question about Marshall’s wardrobe.
  • NPH-Fan.com has photos of Neil at the premiere of Criss Angel’s Believe last weekend.
  • The soundtrack to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is currently only five dollars on Amazon, but I hear that’s just for today.
  • Audible is offering eight minutes of The Bro Code as its free listen for the week.
  • And now there are petitions: Jason Segel, cut your hair.

InFANity: How I Met Your Mother

This aired a few weeks ago, but TV Guide just put it on YouTube. No spoilers (this was filmed two months ago), and they basically threw every single behind-the-scenes clip they could find into this, going back to Season Two, but there are some great interviews with the cast, as well as Carter Bays, Craig Thomas, and Pam Fryman. Most notably, in the first video, Alyson Hannigan endorses The Hair.

And Josh Radnor kicks ass at HIMYM trivia, only to be stumped by the lyrics to Let’s Go to the Mall:

Post-Ep: I Heart NJ

Barney blogs about the esteemed history of the fist bump.

HIMYM Style has identified several outfits from last night’s episode, with updates posted as they become available.

Jason Segel: Fugged again.

Reviews and recaps:

Apparently CBS has a problem with letting people embed videos now, since it’s been disabled on one of the YouTube videos and all of the CBS.com ones. Anyway, here are two YouTube clips from the episode:

You can see the third [Barney's failed fist bump] here, and two more clips [Ted spending all his time on the train and Ted deciding to live in NJ], along with the full episode, here.

News Roundup

[Spoilers: Jason doesn't say anything spoilery, but while he's answering the Alyson Hannigan and Sarah Chalke questions, they show some video of Sarah, Jason, and Alyson shooting scenes for an upcoming episode.]

Jason Segel Gets Fugged

Sad, but true.

L-WFI is pleased to see that others are taking up the call: Jason Segel, CUT YOUR HAIR.

Jason Segel on The Late Late Show

Full video this time!

Credit: naughtyelf at YouTube, who is probably responsible for half the clips posted on this site.

Jason Segel on Ferguson, NPH Picks Up Swag

CBS has put up part of Jason’s appearance on The Late Late Show last night:

[If you're outside the US and can't see it, I'll be posting the full appearance when it surfaces, so hang tight.]

Also, Emmy swag time has begun – NPH was among the first to stop by the gifting lounge.

Cast at the CBS Comedies Premiere Party

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