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News Roundup

You guys, I will be so glad when Monday’s episode airs and I can stop treating every scrap of information about the episode like it’s a major spoiler. But since it hasn’t aired yet: Two batches of links! The first batch contains no Shelter Island spoilers.

  • Jamie-Lynn Sigler has signed on to play Jillian in 4.08. Spoiler level: Nothing new for those of you who read yesterday’s post, nothing major for those of you who didn’t. He just does the whole “Sigler will play Jillian, who is…” thing, and it’s a) not entirely correct, so far as I know, and b) not very spoilery at all.
  • Greg Malins is making a pilot for ABC.
  • Jason Segel will be on Live with Regis and Kelly on October 27. [Thanks to Shermie for the tip.]
  • Sarah Chalke will be on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on October 22.
  • A self-employed prestidigitator [look it up] named Neil Harris contributed to No on 8. [Proposition 8 would undo California's legalization of gay marriage.]
  • Auction! A TiVo HD, signed by Neil Patrick Harris [and some other celebrities from Stand Up To Cancer, which is what the auction is for]. It comes with a year’s subscription to TiVo.
  • Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof get stalked by paparazzi in Santa Monica.
  • TV Week interviewed the co-chairs of Twentieth Century Fox [the studio that produces HIMYM] – mostly industry stuff, with a few mentions of the show and how the studio feels about it.

And everything in the second batch contains some degree of spoiler for the episode:

Articles and Interviews

In the leadup to the Emmy nominations, the Hollywood Reporter is doing a series of roundtables. Craig Thomas participated in their showrunner piece, while Neil Patrick Harris was on the actor roundtable. [Sidebar: I would have given ANYTHING to be present for that talk - what a fantastic selection of actors.]

The New York Times looked at life in the writers’ rooms of five TV shows, HIMYM included.

Variety talks to Greg Malins for a piece on the recovery of the half-hour sitcom.

Variety also did a piece on people behind the camera who deserve Emmy recognition – among them was Sue Federman, HIMYM’s editor and the person responsible for HIMYM’s masterful use of flashbacks and asides.

Finally, thanks to Vlada for these – TV Week talked to Josh Radnor about the show and its Emmy chances, and they also talked to NPH about playing Barney.

HIMYM’s Academy Screening/Countdown to Season Four

This is old news by now, but on Tuesday most of the cast [Jason was in LA filming I Love You, Man - expect a big post on that tomorrow!], along with Carter Bays [co-creator] and Pam Fryman [one of the show's executive producers and director of 60 of the show's 64 episodes], attended a special screening of “How I Met Everyone Else” for Emmy voters. The event took place at McGee’s, the Manhattan bar that Bays and Craig Thomas used as the inspiration for MacLaren’s, and was followed by a Q&A with the cast, as well as Bays and Fryman.

Alan Sepinwall, who moderated the Q&A, has posted a rundown of it here. [Thanks to Erin for the tip!] There’s a ton of great info there – no real spoilers for upcoming seasons, as they never get more specific than saying that they’re looking forward to doing something or what some of their goals for the show are.

For photos of the event, check out PopSugar, iStarPics.com, and Variety.

Speaking of spoilers, though, they might be available sooner than you’d think – this article about exec producer Greg Malins’ new deal with Fox says that they’re going back to work this Friday, although with a SAG strike threatening, it could be a while before they get to film anything.

According to Televisionista, S4 is scheduled to premiere on September 22. TV.com backs them up, but I haven’t been able to find any official word – does anyone have the source?