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News Roundup

1. Neil and Sarah Chalke will host the Creative Arts Emmys. The ceremony is on September 13, but it’ll air on E! on the 20th.

2. Neil will be appearing on the September 5 Stand Up To Cancer telethon [airing simultaneously on CBS, NBC, and ABC], possibly as one of the stars answering calls from viewers.

3. Neil will appear on Letterman this Wednesday, August 27.

4. Jason Segel was quoted in an article about bromances.

5. Neil won Best Actor in a Comedic Television Performance at the Golden Icon Awards.

6. Jason Segel and his wild mane are in the September issue of Marie Claire.

7. If Bob Saget had to pick a new Danny Tanner, it’d be Josh Radnor.

8. Gloria Calderon Kellet won the ALMA for Outstanding Writing for a Television Series, for the episode “How I Met Everyone Else.”

9. CBS released the official description of 401, for those of you who don’t want to read anything more spoilery than the one-line network description.

10. The TV Addict talked to Carter Bays about the Emmys, standalone episodes, and whether he has concerns about Jason Segel. [He doesn't.]

I take great comfort in the fact that all of my favorite shows in the past never got nominated and I’ll continue to do so until we do get nominated. At which point I’ll disavow any statement like that and say that the Emmy Voters always get it right

11. Neil and Josh were at the Hot in Hollywood benefit [NPH arriving, I haven't seen any Josh photos] and performed a raunchy version of “Puff, the Magic Dragon” ["Ruby, the Magic Unicorn"], guided by suggestions from the audience.

Leftover Links

  • NPH did an interview with Out Magazine.
  • Neil Patrick Harris on NPR’s Fresh Air [August 1]
  • A clip from Buffy: The Animated Series, which never made it to air, appeared on YouTube – Alyson Hannigan voices Willow.
  • Jana Rugan and Timothy Russo, the couple who got engaged during the taping of Something Blue, got married. [Thanks, Carrie!]
  • Josh and Neil are scheduled to perform at this year’s Hot In Hollywood AIDS benefit on August 16 – you can get a feel for the event and, if you’ll be in LA, ticket information, here.
  • Neil’s episode of Sesame Street will air on August 12, according to UPI. In addition to the already-posted clip from the episode, he can be seen headbanging with Elmo in this celebrity promo for the new season.
  • There’s a decent chance we’ll see a Harold and Kumar 3.
  • Gloria Calderon Kellett has created a web series called Get Ripped.
  • Hallmark has signed a deal that will allow it to make greeting cards featuring certain Fox properties, including HIMYM. I’m not positive that the new line of cards will include HIMYM designs, but they have the option now, so we could be seeing some in the next month or so.

Bits and Pieces

The Washington Post is currently taking questions for a Neil Patrick Harris chat that will take place in…seven and a half hours. Submit your questions now!

Gloria Calderon Kellet is nominated for an ALMA award – Outstanding Writing for a Television Series, “How I Met Everyone Else.”

A TCA roundup: Photos of Neil and Cobie at the CBS TCA party, more photos, Cobie talks about Sarah Chalke [it's highlight #2], Sarah Chalke talks about everyone, Neil talks about marriage, Regis and Kelly, and being a fairy shoeperson.

Finally, the initial numbers say Dr. Horrible racked up 2.25 million views.