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News Roundup

Congratulations, Alyson!

People.com reports that Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof are expecting their first child – the due date is this spring.

[Thanks to Robyn for the tip!]

News Roundup

You guys, I will be so glad when Monday’s episode airs and I can stop treating every scrap of information about the episode like it’s a major spoiler. But since it hasn’t aired yet: Two batches of links! The first batch contains no Shelter Island spoilers.

  • Jamie-Lynn Sigler has signed on to play Jillian in 4.08. Spoiler level: Nothing new for those of you who read yesterday’s post, nothing major for those of you who didn’t. He just does the whole “Sigler will play Jillian, who is…” thing, and it’s a) not entirely correct, so far as I know, and b) not very spoilery at all.
  • Greg Malins is making a pilot for ABC.
  • Jason Segel will be on Live with Regis and Kelly on October 27. [Thanks to Shermie for the tip.]
  • Sarah Chalke will be on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on October 22.
  • A self-employed prestidigitator [look it up] named Neil Harris contributed to No on 8. [Proposition 8 would undo California's legalization of gay marriage.]
  • Auction! A TiVo HD, signed by Neil Patrick Harris [and some other celebrities from Stand Up To Cancer, which is what the auction is for]. It comes with a year’s subscription to TiVo.
  • Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof get stalked by paparazzi in Santa Monica.
  • TV Week interviewed the co-chairs of Twentieth Century Fox [the studio that produces HIMYM] – mostly industry stuff, with a few mentions of the show and how the studio feels about it.

And everything in the second batch contains some degree of spoiler for the episode:

InFANity: How I Met Your Mother

This aired a few weeks ago, but TV Guide just put it on YouTube. No spoilers (this was filmed two months ago), and they basically threw every single behind-the-scenes clip they could find into this, going back to Season Two, but there are some great interviews with the cast, as well as Carter Bays, Craig Thomas, and Pam Fryman. Most notably, in the first video, Alyson Hannigan endorses The Hair.

And Josh Radnor kicks ass at HIMYM trivia, only to be stumped by the lyrics to Let’s Go to the Mall:

Videos: One Regis, One Alyson

A CBS promo focusing on Regis’ guest appearance tonight:

And Alyson’s recent appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show:

News Roundup

Going rapid-fire with this, because six posts in a day is ridiculous enough as it is:

Cast at the CBS Comedies Premiere Party

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News Roundup

HIMYM’s Emmy Submissions – Updated

These are the areas in which the show, cast, or crew have been submitted for nomination – the actual nominations won’t be announced until July. Also, keep in mind that it’s up to the actors themselves whether they’d like to run as lead or supporting.

If something’s in italics, then I’m upwards of 90% certain that it’s true, but don’t have definite confirmation yet.

Outstanding Comedy SeriesHIMYM [Ten Sessions, The Bracket, How I Met Everyone Else, Sandcastles in the Sand]

Lead Actor – Josh Radnor [Ten Sessions]

Supporting Actor – Neil Patrick Harris [The Goat], Jason Segel [Slapsgiving]

Supporting Actress – Alyson Hannigan [Dowisetrepla], Cobie Smulders [No word on this, but what could it be other than Sandcastles in the Sand?]

Guest Actor - Will Forte [Rebound Bro]

Guest Actress – Sarah Chalke [Ten Sessions], The Woman Who Played Abby [Ten Sessions]

Directing – Pam Fryman [The Bracket]

Writing – Craig Thomas, Carter Bays, and Chris Harris [Ten Sessions], Gloria Calderon Kellett [How I Met Everyone Else], Joe Kelly [The Bracket]

Bits and Pieces: Cast News

Jason Segel: Still needs a haircut.

Josh Radnor: Speaks at his high school’s graduation, listens to Cloud Cult, attends a museum opening.

Neil Patrick Harris: Makes AfterElton’s Hot 100 List, gets stalkerazzi’d with some Jamba Juice.

Alyson Hannigan: Makes AfterEllen’s Hot 100 List, talks about Jason Biggs’ wedding.