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Last Minute Spoilers: Shelter Island

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News Roundup

You guys, I will be so glad when Monday’s episode airs and I can stop treating every scrap of information about the episode like it’s a major spoiler. But since it hasn’t aired yet: Two batches of links! The first batch contains no Shelter Island spoilers.

  • Jamie-Lynn Sigler has signed on to play Jillian in 4.08. Spoiler level: Nothing new for those of you who read yesterday’s post, nothing major for those of you who didn’t. He just does the whole “Sigler will play Jillian, who is…” thing, and it’s a) not entirely correct, so far as I know, and b) not very spoilery at all.
  • Greg Malins is making a pilot for ABC.
  • Jason Segel will be on Live with Regis and Kelly on October 27. [Thanks to Shermie for the tip.]
  • Sarah Chalke will be on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on October 22.
  • A self-employed prestidigitator [look it up] named Neil Harris contributed to No on 8. [Proposition 8 would undo California's legalization of gay marriage.]
  • Auction! A TiVo HD, signed by Neil Patrick Harris [and some other celebrities from Stand Up To Cancer, which is what the auction is for]. It comes with a year’s subscription to TiVo.
  • Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof get stalked by paparazzi in Santa Monica.
  • TV Week interviewed the co-chairs of Twentieth Century Fox [the studio that produces HIMYM] – mostly industry stuff, with a few mentions of the show and how the studio feels about it.

And everything in the second batch contains some degree of spoiler for the episode:

InFANity: How I Met Your Mother

This aired a few weeks ago, but TV Guide just put it on YouTube. No spoilers (this was filmed two months ago), and they basically threw every single behind-the-scenes clip they could find into this, going back to Season Two, but there are some great interviews with the cast, as well as Carter Bays, Craig Thomas, and Pam Fryman. Most notably, in the first video, Alyson Hannigan endorses The Hair.

And Josh Radnor kicks ass at HIMYM trivia, only to be stumped by the lyrics to Let’s Go to the Mall:

Today: HIMYM S3 DVDs

The S3 DVDs are out today! Amazon [where they qualify for free shipping] has them for $25.99, which is still the best price I’ve seen (unless you’re a Barnes & Noble member, in which case you can save eight cents).

TV Squad is giving away three sets. Enter by Friday!

Home Theater Forum reviewed the set and called it “highly recommended.”

NPH-Fan has scans of the DVD set and screencaps of the menus.

And here’s the gag reel, thanks to naughtyelf at YouTube:

Videos: One Regis, One Alyson

A CBS promo focusing on Regis’ guest appearance tonight:

And Alyson’s recent appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show:

BuddyTV Interviews Cobie Smulders


News Roundup

Going rapid-fire with this, because six posts in a day is ridiculous enough as it is:

Clips from Season Four

The Chicago Tribune has a clip from 401 up, in which Stella responds to Ted’s proposal.

Entertainment Tonight went on set during the filming of 402 – there’s a lot of Regis. A lot. Then there’s some NPH, some footage from the episode, and…nothing from any of the other actors, if I’m remembering right.

TV Appearances: What’s Coming Up

Noteworthy updates to the calendar:

  • The Stand Up to Cancer special, which will include Neil Patrick Harris in some capacity, airs tomorrow night on ABC, CBS, NBC, and the E! channel.
  • InFANity’s September 14 episode will be about HIMYM. [If you aren't familiar with InFANity - and it's on the TV Guide Channel, so why would you be - you can see what they did with The Office here.]

Segel HairWatch: Our National Crisis Continues

TV Guide on set as they film S4 – not particularly notable for spoilers (guest star talk, general “[character] deals with [plot you probably could have guessed]” mentions for everyone), but the interviews are cute.

But of course, the real reason this video gets its own post is because it marks our first new Segel sighting since June 13, and sadly, it was not just for I Love You, Man: Jason Segel still needs a haircut.

Thanks to Meg for the video!