Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Recently, CBS upgraded the HIMYM official site and got rid of all the back entries in Barney's blog. Well, never fear - next time you want to know what Barney has to say about jai alai, Kansas, or Taller-Than-You Chick, we've got you covered.

NOTE ONE: All content originated from Barney's Blog at and is the property of CBS. Only entries that are no longer available on the official site are posted here; Barney's Blog still updates with new entries.

NOTE TWO: While this archive is a near-complete reconstruction of old entries, we're still missing some stuff:

-columbus.jpg, jet.jpg, west_indies.jpg, genoa.jpg, and beach.jpg, from "The Price Is Always Right."
-hookup_chart.jpg, past_chart.jpg, and hotness_chart.jpg, from "Visual Aid? Visual Laid."

If you can help with finding any of those images, comment on an entry or email dary[at]