New Spoiler Policy

The major, episode-synopsis spoilers posted here have always come from sides – script excerpts that the show releases to casting agencies so that actors can use them to audition for bit parts. Generally, even if all you have are the script pages that “Pizza Delivery Guy” and “Brunette #4″ appear on, you can piece together a pretty clear picture of an episode. I have always read the sides and written the spoilers up myself.

This year, for a variety of reasons, L-WFI won’t be posting this content directly, but not to worry – you still get your spoilers, and even more detailed ones if you want. Spoilers from interviews, promotional materials, and entertainment columnists will be posted as before.

While we’re here, the site is long overdue for an official policy on spoilers in comments:

1. Each episode will have one no-holds-barred, all-spoilers-are-go post. It’ll be posted as soon as the episode has a name, and the post title will follow the “Spoilers for 3.01 – Where Were We?” format. All spoilers, for that episode and any other, are fair game in the comments, and the post will say so. For easy access, the Spoilers page will link to these posts so you don’t have to go digging.

2. In all other posts, the comments can only be as spoilery as the post. If we link to a Watch with Kristin post that mentions Ted might be getting a new girlfriend and you know from episode sides that it’s probably his new neighbor Jenny, keep it to the free-for-all posts. However, if Jenny’s episode has already aired and you think it might be her, then you’re good to go in either post.