TV Guide Interviews Josh, 402 Promo

Spoilers for 405, of the “where are Ted and Stella headed” variety. Also, here’s a promo for 402 with very little in the way of new footage:

Clip from 402: The Best Burger in New York

The Watcher has it here. You don’t need to worry about spoilers. [You actually don't need to worry about spoilers for this episode at all, as they're more or less nonexistent.]

Lifetime Gets HIMYM Cable Rights

Starting in fall 2010, you’ll be able to see HIMYM reruns on Lifetime – they outbid FX, TBS, ABC Family, and Comedy Central, ultimately offering what Variety is calling “the second biggest license fee ever ponied up by a cable network for a sitcom in the first cycle.”

[Variety, The Hollywood Reporter]

Casting News for 406

From TV Guide: Eric Braeden from The Young and the Restless will appear in the episode “Happily Ever After” as… Continue reading →

403: I Heart NJ Promo Photos

CBS has confirmed that I Heart NJ, not Intervention, will be airing third. (If you’ve haven’t been reading spoilers: Intervention was originally listed as 403, but continuity-wise it seemed like I Heart NJ should come before it.) Official description:

Tired of spending most of his time on the train commuting to Stella’s in New Jersey, Ted convinces the group to hang out at Stella’s place one night.

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News Roundup

Going rapid-fire with this, because six posts in a day is ridiculous enough as it is:

Emmys Roundup



AFTER: has a ton of Neil photos from all different stages of the event – here, here, and here.

409: The Naked Man

Spoilers after the jump. Continue reading →

Jason Segel Gets Fugged

Sad, but true.

L-WFI is pleased to see that others are taking up the call: Jason Segel, CUT YOUR HAIR.

Post-Ep: Do I Know You?

[There's still an Emmys Roundup coming - my Internet went out yesterday.]

If you’ve been feeling the urge to watch Love Actually lately, you might want to check out Barney’s blog – you could have feelings.

LiveJournal community himym_style has identified some of the outfits worn on last night’s episode.

If you missed the episode last night, you can watch the full episode on, or just watch the other 4.01 clips they’ve uploaded to YouTube:

If you’re outside the US, this might work for you.