Congratulations to HIMYM!

Today, Stephan Olson (the show’s production designer) and Susan Eschelbach (the show’s set decorator) won the Emmy for Outstanding Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series, for the episodes The Yips, No Tomorrow, and Miracles – it’s HIMYM’s third consecutive win in that category. [It's also Olson's third consecutive win, and Eschelbach's second.]

As for the Creative Arts ceremony and its HIMYM hosts: I cannot even begin to imagine what the explanation behind this picture is. Be warned: It’s about as NSFW as the Emmys will ever get.

One last tidbit: This LA Times article on cell phones in movies and TV shows has a quote from Carter Bays and a quick HIMYM mention.

NPH and Sarah Chalke on Entertainment Tonight

ET put up a video of Sarah and Neil discussing their upcoming hosting gig at the Creative Arts Emmys – you can see it here.

CBS Recaps S3

CBS has posted two videos to catch people up in time for the new season. The first one is focused on the Ted/Stella and Barney/Robin cliffhangers:

And the second covers all of Season 3:

[Can it be the 22nd now?]

HIMYM in TV Guide’s Fall Preview

It’s the September 15-21 issue, with Brooke Shields, Kate Walsh, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Emily Deschanel on the cover. There isn’t much in the article that’s new – mainly another horrible attempts to namesmush Barney/Robin, some quotes from Carter Bays and Josh Radnor, and a Marshall/Lily tidbit.

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Another S4 Promo

This time with an actual clip from 401:

Thanks to madamotaku at LJ’s Barney/Robin community.

Also, if you’re in a Where’s Waldo kind of mood, how many HIMYM cast members can you find in this Emmy ad? I see Jason, Josh, and Neil, but Cobie and Alyson might still be in there somewhere.

AfterElton Interviews NPH

AfterElton has a five-page interview with NPH about his Out interview, gay celebrities, the diversity of his career, Harold and Kumar, and dealing with the media.

TV Squad Talks to Carter Bays; S4 Promo

You can read it here. It covers a lot of ground – if you had any reservations about the standalone episodes, this will hopefully put your mind at ease. Also in the interview:

  • Another regular-sized photo from World’s Greatest Burger.
  • How they deal with Sarah Chalke’s limited available, both last season and this season.
  • How the strike affected S3.
  • Regis and some characters Bays would like to bring back.
  • Where S4 picks up relative to the S3 finale.
  • Some really, really vague talk about how he wants to handle Barney/Robin.
  • The upcoming book, The Bro Code.

Spoilerwise: Nothing new, but the interviewer references existing spoilers that are kind of big.

Also, if you’ve been concerned about Barney getting defanged, this S4 promo [no spoilers whatsoever] wants to reassure you:

NPH Coast to Coast

Upcoming appearances: In addition to hosting the Creative Arts Emmys with Sarah Chalke on the 13th [airing on E! on the 20th], Neil will present an award with Kristin Chenoweth at the main ceremony on the 21st.

Working backwards:

On Monday, NPH was on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in Los Angeles.

Over the weekend, he was in Foxboro, MA for the opening of the CBS Express restaurant at Gillette Stadium on Saturday night, and then the Patriots season opener on Sunday. [Photo source, and there are some far-away shots at Give Me My Remote.]

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Bits and Pieces – Upcoming Episodes

Everything’s after the jump – nothing major, some casting news for “Stella!” and a photo from “World’s Greatest Burger.”

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