409: The Naked Man

Spoilers after the jump.

This is one of those slightly absurd episodes that HIMYM does best – it’s set up as kind of a superhero story, and it sounds like it’ll be great. The hero in question is Mitch, The Naked Man, whom Ted meets when he walks into the apartment and finds a naked man chilling on his couch. [Mitch is in the apartment because he's on a date with Robin, who has definitely moved in with Ted at this point, and who had to step out of the room to take a phone call from a potential new employer.]

While he waits for Robin to come back, Mitch explains his technique, which he calls The Naked Man. Basically: He’s not much of a catch, so when he’s on dates that otherwise might not go anywhere, he gets an invite back to the woman’s apartment, then strips down as soon as she leaves the room. According to Mitch, it actually works on two out of three women.

The episode sees everyone deal with The Naked Man in a different way: Barney tests the validity of the “two out of three” claim, Robin deals with Mitch, and Lily attempts to make a list of reasons why you’d have sex with someone.

[Sidebar: This could actually be episode 409, but given that it falls in the portion of the season where they're doing standalones, it's not like it matters much.]