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Dr. Horrible Soundtrack

According to MTV, the soundtrack to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog will be available on iTunes on September 2.

401 Photos, NPH on Letterman, Signed Jeans

You can see 14 promotional shots for 401 here. SPOILER ALERT: Apparently they go to MacLaren’s. [No, really, it doesn't give anything away beyond that, unless you consider "Jason Segel still needs a haircut" a spoiler.]

  • A HIMYM drinking game has been posted over at Fanpop.
  • You can see NPH’s appearance on Letterman here (as well as a ton of other great Neil videos), thanks to NPH-fan.com.
  • ABC just gave the sitcom Single with Parents a midseason pickup – the show’s from Kristin Newman, who was a producer on HIMYM during S2 and wrote the episodes “Single Stamina” and “Ted Mosby, Architect.”
  • The cast of HIMYM signed a pair of jeans for the Clothes Off Our Back auction, which will run until September 8 and benefit several charities.

Episode 403: I Heart NJ

This episode is listed as #404 – looking at the continuity, though, it looks like it might be airing third, before Intervention.

On to the spoilers. Continue reading →

News Roundup

1. Neil and Sarah Chalke will host the Creative Arts Emmys. The ceremony is on September 13, but it’ll air on E! on the 20th.

2. Neil will be appearing on the September 5 Stand Up To Cancer telethon [airing simultaneously on CBS, NBC, and ABC], possibly as one of the stars answering calls from viewers.

3. Neil will appear on Letterman this Wednesday, August 27.

4. Jason Segel was quoted in an article about bromances.

5. Neil won Best Actor in a Comedic Television Performance at the Golden Icon Awards.

6. Jason Segel and his wild mane are in the September issue of Marie Claire.

7. If Bob Saget had to pick a new Danny Tanner, it’d be Josh Radnor.

8. Gloria Calderon Kellet won the ALMA for Outstanding Writing for a Television Series, for the episode “How I Met Everyone Else.”

9. CBS released the official description of 401, for those of you who don’t want to read anything more spoilery than the one-line network description.

10. The TV Addict talked to Carter Bays about the Emmys, standalone episodes, and whether he has concerns about Jason Segel. [He doesn't.]

I take great comfort in the fact that all of my favorite shows in the past never got nominated and I’ll continue to do so until we do get nominated. At which point I’ll disavow any statement like that and say that the Emmy Voters always get it right

11. Neil and Josh were at the Hot in Hollywood benefit [NPH arriving, I haven't seen any Josh photos] and performed a raunchy version of “Puff, the Magic Dragon” ["Ruby, the Magic Unicorn"], guided by suggestions from the audience.

Episode 405: Stella!!

Spoilers after the jump – big stuff, mostly it explains the October spoilers from Watch With Kristin/The LA Times. Continue reading →

The Bro Code – Release Details

Simon & Schuster has released details about the upcoming book version of The Bro Code. As was mentioned before, it’s by Matt Kuhn, who is the guy behind Barney’s blog as well as the writer of the episodes Slapsgiving and Columns.

The book’s release is set for October 14. 208 pages, paperback, list price $13.00 (with Amazon pre-orders costing $10.40).

The best part? There’s also going to be an audio version, read by Neil Patrick Harris.

THE BRO CODE, from an episode of the CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother, a guide that provides men with all the rules they need to know in order to become a “bro,” supposedly dating back to the American Revolution and handed down to the character Barney Stinson (played by Neil Patrick Harris), written in the voice of Barney by show writer Matt Kuhn, to Meghan Stevenson at Touchstone Fireside, for publication in October 2008, by Debbie Olshan at Twentieth Century Fox, with Barry Kotler at the Gersh Agency representing Kuhn (world).


Spoilers for an October Episode [4.05]

There are spoilers coming in from multiple sources about some big things that will happen this October.  They’re big spoilers, so proceed at your own risk.

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Episode 404: Intervention

Episode info after the jump. Spoilers: Medium to severe. Continue reading →

Segel HairWatch: Our National Crisis Continues

TV Guide on set as they film S4 – not particularly notable for spoilers (guest star talk, general “[character] deals with [plot you probably could have guessed]” mentions for everyone), but the interviews are cute.

But of course, the real reason this video gets its own post is because it marks our first new Segel sighting since June 13, and sadly, it was not just for I Love You, Man: Jason Segel still needs a haircut.

Thanks to Meg for the video!

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