Neil Patrick Harris Q&A, plus some Future!Mosbys

Last minute, I know – NPH will be on The View today. 10 AM, ABC.

A transcript of the Washington Post chat can be found here. [Some Dr. Horrible spoilers.] My favorite part:

Damn: I’m straight and I think I’d go out with you. Probably upset the wife and kids, though. So what do you think happened to Doogie? Did he grow up, buy a Porsche and start a family practice in the suburbs?

Neil Patrick Harris: He probably developed an addiction to painkillers and wanders around with a cane at some hospital somewhere…

There’s also a small piece of Emmy talk from him here.

As for the Future!Mosbys – Bob Saget has been cast in a new CW sitcom, and apparently Ted’s son and Robin’s sister are dating.