Episode 401: Do I Know You?

LOTS of spoilers after the jump. Also, this is what they’re planning, but there’s no guarantee the final cut of the episode will match these spoilers exactly, as there should be more drafts and revisions of the script between now and then. [Filming starts August 11.]

The Ted Situation: Stella says yes, but the episode makes it clear that they’re not ready to be engaged. Stella has an allergic reaction to something early on and goes into anaphylactic shock – Ted, when the paramedics ask him basic questions about her medical history, is unable to answer any of them, or provide her middle name or address. Later, Ted makes her watch Star Wars, which she’s never seen before, and even though at first he doesn’t seem to care if she enjoys his favorite movie, after a talk with Marshall (in which he remembers three relationships where the girl not liking a movie ended up being a dealbreaker, the movies in question being The English Patient, Ghostbusters, and an Indiana Jones movie) it becomes really important to him that she enjoy it.

The Marshall Situation: Still unemployed. [Hopefully not still in need of a haircut - it's been at least a month since I saw a new photo of Segel.]

The Barney Situation: Lily figures out that something’s going on with Barney, and gets him to tell her about the Robin situation. As he puts it, he “caught feelings” when he slept with her. Robin’s all he can think about, even when he’s sleeping with other girls – Lily’s surprised that he’s still doing that. Barney takes Robin out [it's not a date - she has no idea anything's up] as a way for him to test the waters. It looks like we’ll be seeing the non-date in flashback, because there’s some unreliable narration that comes into play.

Barney ignores the waitress and her cleavage, Robin is surprised. They have some kind of talk about taking chances – sounds like Robin needs encouraging over something? He starts to say he wants to talk to her about something, but gets interrupted, and before he can get back on the subject, Robin’s set him up with the “busty waitress,” April, by telling her Barney’s the new third baseman for the Yankees. We see Barney play along until Robin leaves (from the stage directions – “Barney smiles back but we can tell he’s dying inside”), at which point he tells April that he’s not a Yankee, he’s just in love with Robin, and Barney goes home alone.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, that’s not really how it went down – cut back to him telling Lily the story, at which point April comes out of his bedroom insisting that he’s going to be late for his first game.

Lily tells Barney he can’t be in love with Robin and still sleep around the way he does. I can’t say much about his answer – this comes at the end of a page, and I don’t have his full response, but he starts out saying that even though he has feelings for Robin, he’s in love with someone else – I assume he goes on to say himself, or his awesomeness, or something else that lets him go on being Barney.

Timewise, I’m not sure what the deal is with this episode – presumably it picks up where we left off, but it sounds like it’ll jump forward early on in the episode. Barney says “all summer long, all I do is sit here and watch her on Metro News One,” and he’s clearly not bedridden anymore (if he passes for a player on the Yankees, no casts or slings either), so some time has passed.