NPH Roundup, Part A Million

NPH talked to the LA Times about butlers, Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, nightlife, and aging.

For my 30th birthday party my friends threw me a treasure hunt. I was sort of kidnapped by my friends and thrown in the trunk of a car. All day I had to accomplish tasks. . . . It was the coolest day of my life.

Full interview here.

MTV talked to Neil about the difference between Neil Patrick Harris and “Neil Patrick Harris.” Here’s the video, but definitely read the interview as well – there’s some stuff that didn’t make the video.
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NPH on Ellen earlier this week – the first is just an interview, in the second he does magic tricks:

 NPH in Time Out New York. ”What would NPH do?” “Is crack cocaine too hardcore an answer?”

NPH interviewed on the set of Harold and Kumar:

Am I even half the man that NPH is? Of course not. But am I a thousand times the man I used to be? You’re damn right I am.

EW’s “Just a Minute” video series features NPH.

Neil in PARADE Magazine.

Neil on Adam Corolla’s radio show [right click and save]: Part One, Part Two.