MoviesOnline talks to Jason Segel

This is a great interview – Jason talks a lot about the actual production of the movie (casting Russell, things that inspired the screenplay, experiences from shooting Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and what it’s like being in the Apatow gang), as well as the usual stuff (the full frontal nudity in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Stella’s receptionist Abby on How I Met Your Mother, the upcoming Muppets movie)

Well, that’s an embarrassing side note. But yeah, the Dracula concept, the puppet Dracula musical was not initially for this movie. It was for when I was out of work. It was gonna be my career comeback. I had this notion of putting on this Dracula puppet musical that would somehow just launch me into stardom. And at one point, I played it for Judd and Nick and they laughed so hard. And I was offended. You know, “This is not a joke, guys.”

Full interview here.