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Ratings: Double Date

Viewers: 8.73 million, down from last week.

Adults 18-49: 3.6/10, up from last week.

Households: 5.5/9, down slightly.

Compared to other networks: Behind Fox and ABC (though HIMYM did beat Dancing with the Stars in 18-49), ahead of the CW and NBC.

Compared to other CBS comedies: There’s no news on 18-34 numbers, where HIMYM usually has an edge, but in 18-49, households, and total viewers, the show placed behind The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men, but ahead of Accidentally on Purpose.

Sources: Zap2It, TV By the Numbers, PI Feedback.

Post-Ep: Double Date

Barney’s Blog: Why girls MUST wear jeans to a strip club, a companion piece to “When should you wear jeans to a strip club? NEVER!”

HIMYM Style has identified several looks from the episode here.

CBS has posted clips and the full episode on the official site, if you’re outside the US you can use HotSpot Shield to watch.

Recaps and reviews:

Ratings: Definitions

Viewers: 9.22 million – down about half a million from last year’s premiere, but last year’s premiere wasn’t up against House. Last year’s premiere also aired at 8:30PM – the last HIMYM episode to air in the 8PM timeslot was Old King Clancy, which only pulled 7.4 million.

Adults 18-49: 3.5/9

Adults 18-34: 3.2/9

Adults 25-54: 4.0/10

Households: 5.7/9

Compared to other networks: Behind Dancing with the Stars and House in everything, ahead of Heroes and One Tree Hill.

Compared to other CBS comedies: Third in viewers, which is where you can expect to see it all season – CBS’ strategy to turn The Big Bang Theory into a megahit by putting it in the post-Two and a Half Men timeslot is paying off, since TBBT saw its best numbers ever. HIMYM was third in everything else as well, with the exception of 18-34, where it surpassed TBBT. [CBS didn't provide 18-34 numbers for Men or Accidentally on Purpose.]

Sources: Zap2It, TV By the Numbers, CBS.

Post-Ep: Definitions

Barney’s Blog: Barney reviews the situation and presents a list of key relationship definitions. Define This!

Recaps and reviews:

[No word on whether HIMYM Style will continue this season, and CBS hasn’t put anything up for videos. Ratings aren’t available yet, but they’ll follow in a couple of hours

Spoilers for 5.01 – Definitions

At Spoiler TV – full sides for the episode.

At IMDb – a summary of the episode based on the sides.

ALL spoilers are fair game in the comments.

New Spoiler Policy

The major, episode-synopsis spoilers posted here have always come from sides – script excerpts that the show releases to casting agencies so that actors can use them to audition for bit parts. Generally, even if all you have are the script pages that “Pizza Delivery Guy” and “Brunette #4″ appear on, you can piece together a pretty clear picture of an episode. I have always read the sides and written the spoilers up myself.

This year, for a variety of reasons, L-WFI won’t be posting this content directly, but not to worry – you still get your spoilers, and even more detailed ones if you want. Spoilers from interviews, promotional materials, and entertainment columnists will be posted as before.

While we’re here, the site is long overdue for an official policy on spoilers in comments:

1. Each episode will have one no-holds-barred, all-spoilers-are-go post. It’ll be posted as soon as the episode has a name, and the post title will follow the “Spoilers for 3.01 – Where Were We?” format. All spoilers, for that episode and any other, are fair game in the comments, and the post will say so. For easy access, the Spoilers page will link to these posts so you don’t have to go digging.

2. In all other posts, the comments can only be as spoilery as the post. If we link to a Watch with Kristin post that mentions Ted might be getting a new girlfriend and you know from episode sides that it’s probably his new neighbor Jenny, keep it to the free-for-all posts. However, if Jenny’s episode has already aired and you think it might be her, then you’re good to go in either post.

News Roundup

  • Ausiello at EW talks to Craig Thomas about the Emmy nominations and does some gentle prodding about Season Five. [Questions are bolded, so if you want to avoid the spoilers it's easy. There's really no need, though, they're maybe a 2 out of 10.]
  • Fancast has a quote from Carter Bays – more spoilery than what Craig Thomas gave out, but when it comes to preseason spoilers, we’re still in the “we’re going to deal with [plot X]” stage – there’s nothing specific about plots or individual episodes.
  • TV Guide has another – spoiler free – interview with Craig.
  • Other reactions [source, source, source, source]:

    How I Met Your Mother co-creator/producer Carter Bays says he and the crew will definitely celebrate the show’s Emmy nomination today.  “I’m not going to lie,” he told USA TODAY’s Gary Strauss. “There’ll be some champagne in the office. It’ll be an excuse to drink. But that wont’ be different than any other day,” Bays joked.

    “It means we all get to get dressed up and go to a big party. And that’s good enough for me.” — Carter Bays, co-executive producer of CBS’ “How I Met Your Mother,” a nominee for best comedy.

    For the first time in the four years “How I Met Your Mother” has been eligible for an Emmy, co-creator/executive producer Craig Thomas woke up well before the nominations were announced, and he wasn’t too happy about it. “I would be sitting here thinking about it, and if it didn’t happen, I would’ve been tired all day and not get a nomination,” he said. “It would’ve been horrible.” Fortunately for him, CBS’ “Mother” landed its first best series nom. Thomas calls himself and fellow co-creator Carter Bays “five-time Emmy losers” as they earned five noms and no wins as writers on “Late Show With David Letterman.” “But to receive a nomination for our own show means so much more,” he said. How will the series change now that it has “Emmy-nominated” in front of its title? “In Season 6, we will be like ‘Mad Men’: (‘Mother’) will be dark and dramatic, and it will be set in the early 1960s,” Thomas said.

    “I love being in the mix again this year, but am absolutely over the moon about ‘How I Met Your Mother’s’ best comedy series nomination,” said supporting actor nominee and Emmy host Neil Patrick Harris. “The only multicamera show in the mix! This kind of recognition is huge for us. Just huge. It should be quite the night. Being asked to host the show — terrific. Getting a third nomination — fantastic. Having the ability to scribble my name in the envelope backstage when no one is looking — priceless.”

    Of this year’s contenders, only “How I Met Your Mother” is produced in the classic multicam style. “It feels like an honor to represent that form among the nominees. In a way, that makes it a little extra special for us,” Thomas said, citing his “HIMYM” co-creator Carter Bays. For the “How I Met Your Mother” duo, their love of three-camera classic sitcoms like “Cheers” and “Taxi” was “the whole reason we wanted to become writers,” Thomas said.

  • If you’re near Montreal, the Just for Laughs Film Festival will include a screening of Cobie’s movie The Slammin’ Salmon on July 22nd, followed by a Q&A session with the guys from Broken Lizard.
  • Also, on the still-unannounced theatrical release:
  • “We don’t have the exact release date yet but it’s tentatively for this fall, hopefully October or November,” Lemme said. “We just sold it and hopefully we’ll get a release date soon so we can start promoting it … We’re already getting the best reviews we’ve ever gotten and, in part, it’s because of Michael Clarke Duncan’s performance. Nobody can believe how great he is. He’s fantastic.”

  • Here’s the trailer for Jason’s upcoming animated movie, Despicable Me:

    TrailerFreaks has links to direct downloads here.

Emmy nominations!

Here’s the full list!

  • How I Met Your Mother: Outstanding Comedy Series [FINALLY.]
  • Neil Patrick Harris: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
  • Stephan G. Olsen and Susan Eschelback: Outstanding Art Direction For A Multi-Camera Series [Shelter Island and Not a Father's Day]
  • Sue Federman: Outstanding Picture Editing For A Comedy Series (Single Or Multi-Camera) [The Naked Man]

Neil Patrick Harris is hosting the show, which takes place on September 20.

[Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog has also been nominated for Outstanding Special Class – Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Programs.]

Congratulations Alyson!

Alyson Hannigan announced today that she had her baby last Tuesday (which also happened to be Alyson’s 35th birthday). She and Alexis named the baby Satyana Denisof. If the Internet is to be believed, Satyana is Sanskrit.

The name Satyana comes from two Sanskrit roots: sat, which means truth or being, and also refers to action aligned or suffused with spirit; and yana, which means vehicle. So “satyana” means a vehicle for action infused with the grace of spirit.

The announcement at